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Dining With Diabetes
Dining With Diabetes - Online Courses Online Courses

Dining With Diabetes


8 hours

Managing Type 2 diabetes can be a challenge. This online course includes diet and exercise strategies, information on medications, recipes, and helpful tips. More
Mediterranean Cuisine Comes To You
Mediterranean Cuisine Comes To You - Online Courses Online Courses
Why is everyone is talking about the Mediterranean diet? In this online course, you’ll learn what it is, why it’s so healthy, and easy ways to adopt this diet. More
Totally Veggies
Totally Veggies - Online Courses Online Courses

Totally Veggies


8 hours

Vegetables are crucial to your health. In this course, learn shopping and storage tips, cooking techniques, helpful videos and handouts, and easy recipes. More
Healthy Grilled Vegetables
Nutrition 101: Healthy Eating Guidelines and Meal Planning - Online Courses Online Courses
In this online course, learn the basics of nutrition, and practical suggestions for creating healthy food choices to improve and maintain your health. More
Master Health and Wellness Volunteer Program
Master Health and Wellness Volunteer Program - Online Courses Online Courses
Learn the basics of healthy eating, including nutrition, meal preparation and food safety. Prepare to be a health and wellness volunteer educator. More