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De-stress for Health
De-stress for Health - Articles Articles

De-stress for Health

Katie Greenawalt, MS, CHES

When it exceeds a certain level, stress stops being beneficial and can cause major damage to your body, mind, and health. More
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Calling 9-1-1: What Constitutes a Medical Emergency? - Articles Articles
Know when and how to communicate with first responders during emergencies. More
Snacks can Provide Healthy Nutritional Benefits - Articles Articles
Snacks are often viewed negatively because they can provide extra calories to a diet. However, when planned correctly, snacks can have positive nutritional benefits. More
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Cobblers, Crumbles and More - Articles Articles
Have you ever been confused by baked fruit desserts? More
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Creating Health and Nutrition: Selecting Cheese for Health - Articles Articles

Creating Health and Nutrition: Selecting Cheese for Health

Stacy Reed, MS, Kerry E. Kaylegian, Ph.D., Rayna Cooper

This fact sheet provides dietary tips and an overview of the nutrition information of cheese, explains why cheeses are so different, and briefly describes how cheese is manufactured. More
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Sprouted Foods: To Sprout or To Doubt - Articles Articles
You may be wondering, what are sprouted foods? When a seed is in its growing process and starts to show signs of budding, it is considered a sprout. More
Salt contributed to society well beyond its culinary uses. Photo credit: CCO Creative Commons
Salt Through the Ages - Articles Articles
Learn how salt has impacted society in a variety of ways over the centuries. More
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Make-it-Yourself Pizza - Articles Articles

Make-it-Yourself Pizza

Mandel Smith, MS

What can beat having a pizza delivered right to your door in minutes? How about having a hot, healthy, delicious, pizza right from your oven in even less time. More
chicken fajitas made as a sheet pan meal
Sheet Pan Meals - Articles Articles

Sheet Pan Meals

Dori Owczarzak, MS, RD, LDN

Cooking your whole meal on a single baking sheet is quick and easy. Sheet pan meals are a great alternative to classic one-pot recipes and allow for easy cleanup. More
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The Ketogenic Diet: Is It For You? - Articles Articles

The Ketogenic Diet: Is It For You?

Katie Greenawalt, MS, CHES, Sami Schug

The ketogenic or "keto" diet for weight loss is stirring up conversation in the nutrition community. Before deciding if this diet is for you, it is important to explore both sides of the issue. More
Using Social Support to Help Our Healthy Behavior Goals
Using Social Support to Help Our Healthy Behavior Goals - Articles Articles
Social support from friends and family in the form of offering encouragement, establishing connection, providing accountability, and modeling has been shown to help improve healthy behaviors. More
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Kombucha: What's the Buzz About Fermented Tea? - Articles Articles
Kombucha is an ancient beverage made by fermenting sweetened black or green tea with added bacteria and yeast to create an effervescent beverage that has gone mainstream. More
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Using Social Support to Help Reach Our Healthy Behavioral Goals - Articles Articles
Making healthy lifestyle choices is easier when you feel connected to the people around you. This fact sheet provides tips for using social support to help you reach healthy behavior goals. More
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Mindfull or Mindful? - Articles Articles

Mindfull or Mindful?

Katie Greenawalt, MS, CHES

This article explains what mindfulness is, details mindfulness meditation, gives the major benefits of mindfulness, and provides examples of ways to be more mindful every day. More
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Finding and Keeping Motivation for Your Good Health - Articles Articles

Finding and Keeping Motivation for Your Good Health

Laurie Weinreb-Welch, MPH, MCHES

Many factors can improve our motivation to participate in regular physical activity. This fact sheet explains how to make your activity goals SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely). More
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Nutrigenomics 101 - Articles Articles

Nutrigenomics 101

Rebecca Graham

In the future, everyone may have a specialized diet plan to prevent disease and promote good health all based on your own unique DNA profile! More
Walnuts for brain health.
Benefits of Omega-3's on the Aging Brain - Articles Articles
Eating the right foods will keep your brain healthy throughout your lifespan. More
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Glow from the Inside Out: The Beauty of Healthy Eating - Articles Articles
We know fruits and vegetables are good for our insides. Read this article to find out how they can give your outside a glowing boost too! More
Frutas e Vegetais by Olearys CC by 2.0
A Closer Look at Antioxidants - Articles Articles

A Closer Look at Antioxidants

Whitney DePowell, MPH, MCHES

How super are "super foods?" Learn more about antioxidants, free radicals, and the health benefits of these foods. More
Foodborne Illness Symptoms, USDA
Long Term Health Consequences of a Foodborne Illness - Articles Articles
With 1 in 6 Americans developing food poisoning each year, or more accurately foodborne illness, it is not something to be taken lightly! More
Everybody Walk PA Miles and Comments
Everybody Walk PA Miles and Comments - Articles Articles
Check here each week for updated miles and comments. Listing are Individuals by county followed by teams by county. More
Everybody Walk PA Weekly Updates
Everybody Walk PA Weekly Updates - Articles Articles
Visit this page for the weekly e-mail newsletter, comments and team mile updates. More
How Restaurants Can Improve Healthfulness of Menus
How Restaurants Can Improve Healthfulness of Menus - Articles Articles
Find out how restaurants can make menu changes to improve the health of communities. More
Copper-rich foods
Copper: It's Not Just for Pennies - Articles Articles

Copper: It's Not Just for Pennies

Jennifer Bohland-Anhalt

Copper is an essential element found in food. More
Mediterranean Cuisine Comes to You Program
Mediterranean Cuisine Comes to You Program - Articles Articles

Mediterranean Cuisine Comes to You Program

Lynn James, MS, RDN, LDN

Mediterranean Cuisine Comes to You program information for face-to-face and online classes. More
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