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Osteoporosis - Articles Articles


J. Lynne Brown, Ph.D., R.D.

This brochure provides facts about osteoporosis such as statistics, methods of prevention, and the bones at risk. More
StrongWomen Site Leader Training
StrongWomen Site Leader Training - Workshops Workshops

StrongWomen Site Leader Training


Lancaster, PA

Extension personnel or invitees under the direction of an Extension Educator are invited to attend our StrongWomen Site Leader Training. More
Your Wellness Roadmap: The Hidden Risk: Diabetes
Your Wellness Roadmap: The Hidden Risk: Diabetes - Articles Articles
This publication includes information about type 2 diabetes and who is likely to develop it, a worksheet to help estimate risk for type 2 diabetes, information about artificial sweeteners and recipes. More
Both strength and aerobic training are important for overall physical fitness. (Photo credit: Vanessa, Flickr Creative Commons)
Strength vs. Aerobic Training: Which is more important? - Articles Articles

Strength vs. Aerobic Training: Which is more important?

Laurie Weinreb-Welch, MPH, MCHES, Lynn James, M.S., R.D., L.D.N.

Both strength and aerobic training are important for optimal physical fitness. Learn how to improve your health in both of these areas. More
Crash Course on Vegetarianism
Crash Course on Vegetarianism - Videos Videos
In this video, we will provide a crash course on vegetarianism. More
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Try Alternative Proteins Today! - News News

Try Alternative Proteins Today!


Alternative protein sources provide nutrition and health benefits. Vary your protein sources, and add alternative proteins into your diet. More
Type 2 Diabetes and Surgical Solutions - News News
Some patients with Type 2 Diabetes may find that surgery may be the solution to diabetic situation. More
Dining With Diabetes
Dining With Diabetes - Online Courses Online Courses

Dining With Diabetes


8 hours

Managing Type 2 diabetes can be a challenge. In this online course, you’ll find diet and exercise strategies, information on medications, and helpful tips. More
StrongWomen/Growing Stronger
StrongWomen/Growing Stronger - Workshops Workshops

StrongWomen/Growing Stronger

Multiple Options Available

From: $75.00

To: $90.00

Commit to growing stronger and feeling better about yourself. StrongWomen™ is a safe, effective strength-training and nutrition education program. More
Sleep Is as Important as Diet and Exercise
Sleep Is as Important as Diet and Exercise - News News
Did you know sleep is as important to our health as diet and exercise? Find out why sleep is so important and ways to improve sleep habits. More
Potassium is needed for all ages.
Potassium, an Often Forgotten Nutrient - News News
Besides being green in color, what do Swiss chard, Lima beans and spinach have in common? The answer is they are all vegetables that contain a high amount of potassium. More
Filling Up on Fiber
Filling Up on Fiber - Articles Articles
Eat fiber for good health. High-fiber diets may lower risks of certain cancers, heart disease and even obesity. Learn the benefits of fiber and how to calculate the amount of fiber in foods. More
Salmon with Soy Honey & Wasabi Sauce by Maggie on CC By 2.0
Keeping Our Hearts Healthy with Fish - News News
When you think of heart health, do you ever think about eating more fish? If not, consider adding this important food to your menu! More
Dining With Diabetes
Dining With Diabetes - Workshops Workshops

Dining With Diabetes

Multiple Options Available

From: Free

To: $50.00

The Dining With Diabetes program helps people with type 2 diabetes identify and understand important information about managing and preventing this disease. More
Source: USDA
Salads, Your Healthy Choice - Articles Articles

Salads, Your Healthy Choice

Mandel Smith, MS

Salads are popular as the go-to side dish for dinner and the healthy lunch option. Building a healthy salad begins with selecting healthy ingredients. More
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