Winter Wheat and Barley Trials Posted

Wheat yields were high, feed barley yields were variable and new malting barley lines show promise with good yields.
Winter Wheat and Barley Trials Posted - News

Updated: May 23, 2018

Winter Wheat and Barley Trials Posted

We have posted the results of our winter wheat and barley variety evaluation trials. Yields were very good in Centre County and good in Lancaster County. This year we treated all of the trials with a fungicide at heading, which may have contributed, along with favorable weather, to some of the high yields.

Our feed barley trials were hampered by several stress factors. In Lancaster, our trial had some ryegrass infestation, which limited yields. At Rock Springs our feed barley experienced a late spring frost in late April. This caused the earliest variety Nomini to be completely sterile and another early variety Secretariat, to be damaged and yields were reduced. Late varieties, like FS 950 did very well at Rock Springs.

Our malting barley tests were more consistent than our feed barley trials. Yields of the best malting barley varieties seem to be as high as or higher than the feed barley varieties. They tend to have good disease resistance and are a few days later. Our work is suggesting that some of the commercially available 2 row varieties appear to be well adapted and high yielding. We have submitted samples for malting quality and will update those when they become available.


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