Winter Wheat and Barley Trials Posted

Winter wheat and barley variety trials have been posted. Wheat yields were good, feed barley yields were variable and some of new malting barley lines continue to yield well.
Winter Wheat and Barley Trials Posted - News


Harvesting wheat trials in Pennsylvania. Image credit: Greg Roth

We have posted the results of our winter wheat and barley variety evaluation trials. Yields were very good in Centre County and good in Lancaster County. This year we treated all of the trials with a fungicide at flowering, except for the barley in Lancaster County. Barley yields were likely reduced at that location due to disease.

Our feed barley trials include some experimental hulled and hulless lines we tested from Virginia Tech and some from our Penn State collection. The older line Thoroughbred did well in Centre County where it was treated with a fungicide, but not in Lancaster where it was not. Our data also suggests that some of the experimental hulless lines seem to have more yield potential than Amaze 10.

Our malting barley tests showed again this year that yields of the best malting barley varieties seem to be as high as or higher than the feed barley varieties like Thoroughbred. They tend to have good disease resistance and are a few days later. Our work continues to confirm that some of the commercially available 2 row varieties appear to be well adapted and high yielding. We have submitted samples for malting quality and will update those when they become available.