Winter Meeting Presentations

Find the new PowerPoint presentations for this year and download related resources (fact sheets, video training, handouts, etc.) if available. PowerPoints are ordered by year they were released.
Winter Meeting Presentations - Articles
Winter Meeting Presentations

To request a presentation, complete this form. Please note, this is a SurveyMonkey form now and we do not get instant notification. Please give us at least a day to respond. We will send you an email with link(s) to download the presentation requested. If you have questions, please email Sharon Gripp or Kathy Branstetter.

2018 Presentations and Resources

Understanding Herbicide Mode of Action and Injury Symptoms

This presentation highlights how herbicides are classified, the importance of knowing a herbicide's mode of action, how to use group numbers to prevent herbicide resistance, and how to recognize common injury symptoms. A handout was developed to complement this presentation.

Proper Site Analysis before Making a Pesticide Application

This presentation discusses key components on soil maps, how to choose an appropriate pesticide based on soil map, and how to use soil tests to select pesticides and determine rates.

Pollinators and Pesticide Stewardship

This presentation describes the types of pollination, lists pollinator agents, discusses the importance of pollinators, and explains items in the pollinator protection checklist.

Winterizing Your Pesticide Sprayer

This presentation highlights why a pesticide sprayer should be cleaned throughout the season, effects of freezing temperatures and inactivity on a sprayer, how to winterize a sprayer, and a short discussion on antifreeze. A handout outlining the steps to winterizing a sprayer is available.

2017 Presentations and Resources

Respiratory Protective Devices for Pesticides

This presentation includes video footage of different types of respirators, how to ensure a good fit, what is a fit test, and the new respirator requirements under the Worker Protection Standard regulations. A fact sheet and a glossary handout will also be provided as PDF files. (Two handouts are available to copy for participants.)

Easy Steps to Backpack Sprayer Calibrations

This presentation goes through the steps to do both the 1,000 square foot method and ounces to gallons per acre method of calibration. Video footage of both methods is also included. (Two handouts are available to copy for participants.)

Easy Steps to do Boom Sprayer Calibrations

This presentation (available with and without audio) goes through the steps to do a boom sprayer calibration and includes video footage. (A handout is available to copy for participants.)

Pesticide Resistance

This presentation (available with and without audio) covers what is pesticide resistance, what you need to know, and what you can do to prevent pesticide resistance. (A handout is available to copy for participants.)

2016 Presentations and Resources

Pesticide Spill Protocol

This presentation will show you how spills can happen, what should be included in a spill kit, what the 4 C's of pesticide spills are, and what to do when a spill occurs.

Are You Label Literate? Or Are You Just Guessing?

This presentation will take you through all the components of a pesticide label. Many label examples are highlighted from the ornamental and turf industry.

Farm Safety(both with and without audio)

Every year farmers are injured and killed in farm related accidents. This presentation is a reminder that you need to keep safety first in your mind when farming.

Keeping Pesticides Out of Our Groundwater

Along with learning about water facts from the world and in Pennsylvania, this presentation also helps you understand characteristics of groundwater; how contamination happens; and how we can protect our groundwater. The email with the link to this presentation will also have an evaluation form attached. We encourage you to have your participants fill this out and send back to Water Resources Team. This presentation is available in 3 formats: no audio, with audio and with Audience Response System Questions.

Top Tips for Applicators

Using pesticides in a safe and effective manner is of utmost importance. This presentation brings to the forefront some valuable tips to help pesticide users do just that. This presentation is available with and without audio.

50 Ways to Treat Your Pesticide - This article reviews 50 things to consider while using pesticides from purchase to disposal.


A waste pesticide collection program that provides a means to dispose of old, unusable, or unwanted pesticide products. CHEMSWEEP is run by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. This presentation discusses the importance of this program and how to participate in the program.


Pesticide Safety

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