Whitney DePowell, MPH, MCHES

Extension Educator: Food, Families, and Health


    Nutrition, Public Health, Education, Diabetes, Outreach, Global Health, Nutritional Epidemiology



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    About Me

    Whitney DePowell, MPH is the Educator for the Food, Families, and Health team
    of Penn State Extension. In this role, she is able to extend opportunities
    for nutrition and health education, wellness, and physical activity to the
    citizens of Adams, Franklin, and York Counties. Her primary Penn State
    educational curricula include "Dining with Diabetes," "Totally Veggies,"
    "Strong Women," and "Mediterranean Cuisine," but she is also available and
    on-call for questions related to diet, health, and physical activity, lending
    her expertise on these topics as a source of assistance within the
    communities she serves, as well as offering educational outreach statewide.

    Mrs. DePowell has long held a passion for food, nutrition, and overall
    wellness that has guided her educational and career paths over the years.
    Her dual undergraduate degrees were earned from the University of Pittsburgh
    in Anthropology and Sociology, with focus areas in human nutrition and health
    promotion. During that time, her undergraduate internship was held abroad at
    King’s College Hospital in London, England, where she was able to gain new
    perspective on dietetic practice in a culture that differs from the US in its
    approach to health care and disease prevention. Whitney then earned her
    Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from Temple University with a
    concentration in Social and Behavioral Science, furthering her study of the
    impact of environmental and social factors on health behaviors. While there,
    she also was fortunate enough to conduct her graduate externship with the
    Youth Programs division of the Central PA Food Bank to expand the reach of
    their summer meals program to feed hungry children in Pennsylvania.

    Whitney has always been fascinated with the linkage between food,
    environment, and behavior, and has sought ways to bridge these concepts to
    promote an overall message of good health and wellness. Her professional
    background includes serving as the Nutrition Coordinator for Capital Area
    Head Start for over eleven years, where she worked with low-income children
    and families in Cumberland, Dauphin, and Perry counties to make the concept
    of good nutrition both attainable and desirable. Minimizing barriers,
    increasing access to healthy food, and educating about good health behaviors
    were major charges in her previous role, and she is thrilled to be a part of
    the Penn State family in echoing that same message of good health, proper
    nutrition, and overall wellness to a wider audience of Pennsylvanians.


    BA - University of Pittsburgh: Anthropology, Nutritional Focus BA - University of Pittsburgh: Sociology, Global Studies MPH - Temple University: Social & Behavioral Concentration