When is a Microbial Water Quality Profile Needed?

This video gives details about Microbial Water Quality under the Produce Safety Rule. Find out if your farm is subject to a microbial water quality profile for the water source you use during growing.
When is a Microbial Water Quality Profile Needed? - Videos Available in Spanish

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- [Narrator] The Produce Safety Rule requires that growers subject to the rule establish an initial microbial water quality profile for untreated sources, surface or ground water, that are applied using a direct water application method during growing.

This water falls within the definition of agricultural water.

Growers will also need to conduct annual surveys for that water source in subsequent years.

If you do not have agricultural water in your farm, your water is not subject to the agricultural water requirements in the Produce Safety Rule.

If a grower treats the agricultural water for irrigation or for other activities such as crop spraying during growing, a microbial water quality profile is not needed.

A profile is not required either if the agricultural water comes from a public water system or if the grower receives it from a public water supply that furnishes water that meets certain microbial quality requirements described in the rule and there is documentation that demonstrates that the water meets these requirements.

However, you always have to make sure that all agricultural water used in the farm is safe and has adequate sanitary quality for its intended use.

The FDA is considering ways to simplify the agricultural water requirements, and in September 2017, FDA proposed to extend the compliance dates for agricultural water requirements for covered produce other than sprouts.

Check the compliance dates that apply to your farm.

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