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Properly identifying the organism is the first step of integrated pest management (IPM).
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After proper identification, other resources can be used to determine if the organism is actually a pest, learn about its biology and how to prevent or control it. Insects often get labeled as "pests" just because they are insects. However, most insects don't bite or sting and are not pests. In fact, many insects are beneficial and helpful to have around. These beneficial insects may assist with the pollination of our fruits and vegetables or they may eat other insects that cause problems.

So how do you know what is crawling across the floor, making webs in the oatmeal, or flying around in the kitchen? While a variety of insects can make their way inside a home, child care or other building, there are some species that tend to be commonly found inside. Check out the article " Identifying Common Household Insects in Pennsylvania " for color pictures and descriptions of possible culprits.