What is a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual?

This video will help you determine if your facility is required to have a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual to develop and implement a food safety plan.
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- [Narrator] What is a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual, PCQI?

If you are subject to the Preventive Controls Rule and no exemptions apply to you, then you are required to have a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual, PCQI, to develop and implement the food safety plan in your facility.

A Preventive Controls Qualified Individual is an individual who has successfully completed training in the development and application of risk-based preventive controls at least equivalent to that received under a standardized curriculum recognized as adequate by FDA or is otherwise qualified through job experience to develop and apply a food safety system.

Job experience may qualify an individual to perform these functions if such experience has provided an individual with knowledge at least equivalent to that provided through the standardized curriculum.

To demonstrate that someone is qualified to serve as PCQI, no certifications are needed.

FDA will assess the adequacy of a facility's food safety plan instead of the individual certifications.

If there are deficiencies in the food safety plan, it indicates that the PCQI needs additional training no matter what certifications he or she has.

The written food safety plan at the facility must be prepared or its preparation overseen by one or more Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals.

The PCQI is also charged with overseeing the validation that preventive controls are capable of controlling identified hazards and the food safety plan records review.

The preventive controls for human food final rule does not prohibit a company from utilizing the services of a single PCQI for multiple locations.

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