What is a FSVP?

The Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) is discussed in this video. Learn about the activities and records that make up a FSVP, and if you are subject to the FSVP rule requirements.
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- [Narrator] A Foreign Supplier Verification Program, FSVP, is a program that importers covered by the rule must have in place to verify that their foreign suppliers are producing food in a manner that provides the same level of public health protection as the preventive controls or produce safety regulations as appropriate, and to ensure that the supplier's food is not adulterated and is not misbranded with respect to allergen labeling.

An importer must establish an FSVP for each food that is imported from each of its foreign suppliers.

The importer may request information from their foreign suppliers or others to meet the FSVP requirements.

If you are the FSVP importer subject to the rule requirements, all of the following activities and records make up an FSVP.

A hazard analysis of the food.

This must be done including hazard identification and evaluation.

The performance of each foreign supplier must also be evaluated.

There must be written procedures for approving foreign suppliers based on their evaluations.

Written procedures to assure use of only approved foreign suppliers, although there are limited exceptions.

Determine and perform appropriate verification activities and assess results of these activities.

If needed, implementation of corrective actions.

Identify the FSVP importer at entry.

Keep required records and documentation.

Reevaluations of your FSVP either for cause or routinely every three years.

Your Food Safety Verification Program includes all records and documentation that demonstrate your compliance with applicable FSVP requirements for a particular importer food product and foreign supplier.

A qualified individual must develop and implement the FSVP and perform each of the activities required under the FSVP regulation.

A qualified individual must have the education, training, and/or experience necessary to perform his or her assigned activities and be able to read and understand the language of any records that must be reviewed when performing a verification activity.

No financial conflicts of interest that influence the results of the verification activities and payment must not be related to the results of the activity.

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This program was developed by Food Safety CTS LLC for the USDA's Food Safety and Agricultural Sustainability Training Program and Penn State University.


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