What are Dairy Advisory Teams?

Dairy advisory teams are comprised of farm advisors with the goal of helping the dairy to be successful.
What are Dairy Advisory Teams? - Articles


The overall goal of the team is to improve the profitability of your farm business and your quality of life.

Most teams consist of three to eight people. A non-farm adviser serves as the team coordinator and is responsible for facilitating the team meetings with you.

Advisory teams give careful consideration to your specific values, objectives, and opportunities, to improve your business success and help you in making better-informed decisions.

Effective teams divide the work and multiply the results - making all participants more effective and efficient.

Why Teams?

Teams can help you find solutions to critical farm challenges that will improve your profitability, satisfaction and lifestyle.

Individual team members provide valuable knowledge related to their area of expertise in a specific farm-related enterprise.

They bring first-hand experience from seeing what has and hasn't worked on neighboring farms.

They supply you with ideas on how to modify new procedures to fit unique farm situations.

Having the advisory team endorse a proposed action builds the owner's confidence. The owner is not acting alone, but has a council of experts to assist in the decision-making process before adopting a new approach.

The primary advantage provided by advisory teams relates to the old adage that two heads are better than one. Individual team members see a problem and possible solutions from different perspectives based on their previous experience.