Weed Extension Specialist Retires

Congratulations to Dr. Bill Curran, Extension Weed Specialist on a successful 27-year career at Penn State.
Weed Extension Specialist Retires - News


Bill Curran, PSU

Bill Curran earned his PhD Degree in Agronomy after five years working with Extension at the University of Illinois in 1990. Over the course of his 30-year career, Bill has had many successes and was asked to share a summary of his career at the recent Keystone Crops Conference.

In his presentation, Bill touched on a number of things, including introduction of the ALS inhibitors, Roundup Ready crops, increase in no-till, consolidation of the ag industry, renewed interest in cover crops. He concluded with challenges related to herbicide resistant weeds, which he indicated would be a challenge that future weed scientists will be asked to tackle.

During this same time, Bill noted “We had six U.S. presidents, 2x2 inch slides and film cameras went extinct, floppy drives vanished and now we have to use “the cloud”, and we can now conduct meetings virtually without leaving the office. What progress!”

Bill presented at many educational programs across the Commonwealth over the last 27 years, reporting on applied research results conducted in many different areas. He co-authored over 60 papers in scientific journals. He credits many papers as a result of the 23 graduate students he advised, many of whom are successfully engaged in agriculture across the country.

Bill concludes “My retirement is bittersweet and I will miss seeing, talking, and working with all of you (farmers, industry and researchers alike).” Bill and his wife Lucy are relocating to Bozeman, MT, where skiing, biking, hiking, some ag-related things, and activities yet to be determined will take the lead.

Happy Trails, Bill!