Weather Outlook for September 26, 2017

Summer’s Redux Comes to an End as Dry Weather Continues
Weather Outlook for September 26, 2017 - News

Updated: January 3, 2018

Weather Outlook for September 26, 2017

Photo credit: Kyle Imhoff

Fall took a detour this past week as temperatures soared into the record-breaking 80’s and 90’s, feeling more like mid-summer than early Fall. Temperatures will plummet back to near normal levels on Thursday in the 60’s and low 70’s after the passage of a cold front, although the cool-down will take until Friday to be felt in the southeast. A secondary cold front will cross the region on Friday bringing a couple tenths of an inch of rain to northern portions of the state and even cooler temperatures, mainly in the low 60’s, for the weekend. With temperatures dipping into the upper 30’s in the northern mountains early Sunday morning, there could be a few areas of patchy light frost in that region. The chilly air begins to retreat on Monday as temperatures climb to near normal levels under fair skies. By Tuesday, east winds and some cloudiness will affect the eastern half of the state and continue into Wednesday with temperatures near seasonable levels. Most areas of the state have seen less than half of normal rainfall over the past two weeks, and this pattern will continue into early October.

Longer term, temperatures during the first three weeks of October are expected to be near normal with precipitation a bit below normal across the northwestern half of the state and a bit above normal across the southeastern half.


Arthur A. Person