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Information on stormwater management and water quality, including incorporating and maintaining a green infrastructure, investigating stream health and creating an infiltration surface. Tips on green roofs, rainwater cisterns and live staking.

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“Mr. Cohen’s house” by Eric Chan on Flickr.com
How Can I Be a Good Stormwater Neighbor? - Articles Articles
It is important to realize that activities on your property can adversely affect your neighbor’s property, because water does not follow property boundaries More
Photo credit: Jennifer Fetter, Penn State University
Why Should I Care About Stormwater? - Articles Articles
Does stormwater really affect me? Why should I care? Whether you live in a town, the country, a city, or the suburbs – when it rains, the water that runs off needs somewhere to go. Stormwater affects everyone! More
Photo credit: Susan Boser, Penn State University
What is Stormwater? - Articles Articles

What is Stormwater?

Susan Boser

While you may be familiar with the term, have you ever wondered what stormwater is? More
Students from York Suburban Middle School participating in Rain to Drain – Slow the Flow activity Feb. 15, 2018.
Youth Water Education Day in York County - News News
Seventh grade students learn about green infrastructure and stormwater best management practices More
Is melting snow causing water issues on your property? Image credit: Jennifer Fetter
Melting Snow: It's Stormwater Too! - News News
When snow melts at your home it can create lots of problems that are both similar to spring rains and unique to winter weather. More
Students at the January Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional training in Lancaster evaluate a bioretention area
Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professionals Learn about Sustainable Landscapes - News News
The CBLP program is a new, voluntary credential system for professionals who design, install, and maintain sustainable landscapes. More
Educators get hands-on at water educator's summit
Presenters and Exhibitors Sought for Water Education Summit - News News
Penn State Extension is looking for individuals and organizations interested in being part of the 2018 Dive Deeper – Youth Water Educators Summit to be held September 20, in Harrisburg. More
Jennifer Fetter and Bradley Kunsman represented the Dive Deeper Steering Committee at the NAE4-HA Awards Ceremony in Indianapolis. Pictured with 2017 NAE4-HA President Shawn Tiede (center).
Water Education Summit Receives National Recognition - News News
The Penn State Extension Dive Deeper Summit was awarded as a program of excellence at the national level. More
Photo: Sanford Smith
The Importance of Forests to Clean Water - Webinars Webinars
Bryan Swistock from Penn State discusses "forest hydrology" or the movement of water within forested watersheds and how that ensures clean water. More
Pennsylvanians’ Opinions About the State’s Water Resources
Pennsylvanians’ Opinions About the State’s Water Resources - Webinars Webinars
Penn State Doctoral student, Sarah Tzilkowski, presents results of a study of Pennsylvania residents opinions regarding water resources. More
New Tools for Teaching Youth About Water
New Tools for Teaching Youth About Water - Webinars Webinars
Penn State Extension Watershed Youth Development Educator, Jennifer Fetter, shares several Penn State Extension education tools for teaching youth about water. More
Innovations in Youth Water Education
Innovations in Youth Water Education - Webinars Webinars

Innovations in Youth Water Education

Watch Now

1 hour

Jennifer Fetter discusses a new youth water education program, now formally known as the 4-H Stream Teams Program. More
Atmospheric Deposition in Pennsylvania
Atmospheric Deposition in Pennsylvania - Webinars Webinars
Dr. Elizabeth Boyer from Penn State presents results of atmospheric deposition research. More
WikiWatershed online tool
New Online Toolkit for Water Resources Management (WikiWatershed) - News News
A new online resource called WikiWatershed can help anyone working to improve their watershed by analyzing land use, stormwater and other impacts to make important watershed decisions. More
Planting trees along the creek on the Martenas property
Agriculture and Environment Center and the Chiques Creek Partners Help Meet Conservation Goals - News News
Installation of stream-side riparian buffers help to improve water quality on a horse farm. More
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