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Information on stormwater management and flood control, including green roofs, rain gardens and climate change effects on Chesapeake and Delaware Bays. Tips on live staking for stream restoration and dealing with wet basements.

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Montgomery County Master Watershed Stewards assisting with native tree and shrub plantings at the Perkiomen Township Community Park. Photo courtesy of Erin Kinley, Penn State
Environmental Advisory Councils in Action - News News
The Penn State Extension Master Watershed Stewards will be hosting a special public presentation focusing on township and borough Environmental Advisory Councils (EACs). More
Watershed Decisions Activity Kit
Watershed Decisions Activity Kit - Guides and Publications Guides and Publications
A hands-on, inquiry based activity kit that helps older youth and adults learn about water quality issues in small watersheds and the decision making processes that go into improving those water quality issues. More
The aftermath of riparian buffer flooding (Photo by Kristen Kyler - Penn State University)
Buffers Need Maintenance After Flooding - News News
Flooding has been a relatively common occurrence this summer which has caused significant damage to homes, roads, and businesses. Riparian buffer owners also need to inspect and repair their young forests. More
Flooding around your home and on the farm could be leading to issues you need to address. Image Credit: Jennifer Fetter
After the Flood – Recovery Considerations for Rural Pennsylvanians - Articles Articles

After the Flood – Recovery Considerations for Rural Pennsylvanians

Jennifer R Fetter, Leon Ressler, Andy Yencha

Parts of Pennsylvania were drenched with heavy rains and flooded streams recently. In addition to drying out wet basements, there are few important things that rural Pennsylvanian’s might want to pay special attention to. More
Image Credit: Susan Greenfield
How Can I Control Stormwater on My Property? - Articles Articles
Want to control stormwater on your property? There are many different things you can do. More
Scott Sjolander, Penn State University
What Will My Stormwater Project Cost? - Articles Articles
Stormwater drainage, called runoff, affects everyone and all pay. Some costs may be in purchases or repairs, others in management. More
Jennifer Fetter, Penn State University
What are Stormwater Pollutants? - Articles Articles
Stormwater can cause water pollution because it often contains harmful materials picked up when it washed across the land. More
Heather McKean, Penn State University
Is Stormwater Damaging My Property? - Articles Articles
Have you ever wondered why your basement keeps flooding or your driveway is washing away? Stormwater could be damaging your property. More
“Mr. Cohen’s house” by Eric Chan on Flickr.com
How Can I Be a Good Stormwater Neighbor? - Articles Articles
It is important to realize that activities on your property can adversely affect your neighbor’s property, because water does not follow property boundaries More
Andy Yencha, Penn State University
What is an MS4? - Articles Articles

What is an MS4?

Andy Yencha

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System refers to a collection of structures designed to gather stormwater and discharge it into local streams and rivers. More
Photo credit: Jennifer Fetter, Penn State University
Why Should I Care About Stormwater? - Articles Articles
Does stormwater really affect me? Why should I care? Whether you live in a town, the country, a city, or the suburbs – when it rains, the water that runs off needs somewhere to go. Stormwater affects everyone! More
Photo Credit: “Road Closed Road Flooded” by David Marsh on Flickr.com - CC BY 2.0
Why Does My Community Flood More Than it Used to? - Articles Articles
Floods are a nuisance. Whether in the streets, parking lots, or your own front yard – they are no fun. Have you ever wondered why your community floods more now than it used to? More
Photo credit: Susan Boser, Penn State University
What is Stormwater? - Articles Articles

What is Stormwater?

Susan Boser

While you may be familiar with the term, have you ever wondered what stormwater is? More
Stormwater Basics
Stormwater Basics - Articles Articles

Stormwater Basics

Jennifer R Fetter

Ready-to-Use Educational Toolkit for Stormwater Management More
Climate Change Effects on the Chesapeake & Delaware Bays
Climate Change Effects on the Chesapeake & Delaware Bays - Webinars Webinars
This webinar discusses projected changes in sediment, nutrient and organic matter loads to the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays under climate change scenarios. More
Stormwater Management - The Role of Trees and Forests
Stormwater Management - The Role of Trees and Forests - Webinars Webinars
Vinnie Cotrone reveals the role of forested landscapes and trees in particular in stormwater management and pollution mitigation. More
Helping Delaware River Communities Prepare for Flooding and Climate
Helping Delaware River Communities Prepare for Flooding and Climate - Webinars Webinars
PA Sea Grant and a host of partners have been helping coastal communities along the Delaware River to prepare for the flooding and extreme heat expected with future climate. More
Photo by Tim Mossholder
Live Staking - A How-to Guide - Videos Videos

Live Staking - A How-to Guide

Jennifer R Fetter, Kristen Kyler


A video guide to affordable and easy stream bank restoration using branch cuttings called live stakes. More
There are steps that you can take to help prevent septic waste from backing up into your home during flooding. Photo: George Hurd, Penn State Extension
Protecting Your Septic System From Flooding - Articles Articles
Although your septic system may work well during dry weather, too much water from flooding or heavy rains can cause problems. More
Figure 1. Green roof profile schematic including materials typically included in construction.
Green Roofs for Stormwater - Articles Articles

Green Roofs for Stormwater

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

Guidance on how green roofs can be constructed and how they can be expected to contribute to solving stormwater problems. More
Selecting a Faircloth Skimmer
Selecting a Faircloth Skimmer - Articles Articles

Selecting a Faircloth Skimmer

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

A skimmer is a basin dewatering control device that withdraws water from near the basin’s water surface, removing the highest quality water from the basin for delivery to the uncontrolled environment. More
Infiltrating Stormwater
Infiltrating Stormwater - Articles Articles

Infiltrating Stormwater

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

Guidance to stormwater designers about assessing a potential stormwater infiltration site to determine the rate and volume of stormwater that can be expected to infiltrate into the soil. More
Figure 1. Typical bioretention cell.
Rain Gardens (BioRetention Cells) - a Stormwater BMP - Articles Articles
Design guidance provided for engineers and planners on how to properly develop a bioretention cell. More
Wet Basements
Wet Basements - Articles Articles

Wet Basements

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

Understanding and correcting wet basements is a key topic for homeowners. More
Exposed and eroding stream banks can be restored and stabilized through the practice of live staking.
Live Staking for Stream Restoration - Articles Articles

Live Staking for Stream Restoration

Jennifer R Fetter, Kristen Kyler

A brief introduction and instructional guide to using live staking as an inexpensive and simple technique to restoring eroding stream banks. More
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