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Managing Your Restored Wetland
Managing Your Restored Wetland - Articles Articles

Managing Your Restored Wetland

Margaret C. Brittingham, Ph.D., Charles Andrew Cole, Ph.D., Robert P Brooks, Ph.D.

This manual for landowners describes where wetland restoration is possible and how it is done. It covers basic wetland concepts, ecological concepts and terms, wetland restoration, and maintenance. More
Photo: Diane Oleson, Penn State Extension
Landscaping Professionals: Working for Cleaner Water and a Cleaner Look - Articles Articles
Stormwater is the water that runs off of houses, streets, parking lots, and other hard surfaces during rain events. It has been identified as a major cause of water pollution. More
There are steps that you can take to help prevent septic waste from backing up into your home during flooding. Photo: George Hurd, Penn State Extension
Protecting Your Septic System From Flooding - Articles Articles
Although your septic system may work well during dry weather, too much water from flooding or heavy rains can cause problems. More
Rainwater Cisterns: Design, Construction, and Treatment
Rainwater Cisterns: Design, Construction, and Treatment - Articles Articles
Roof-catchment cisterns are systems used to collect and store rainwater for household and other uses. More
Figure 1. Green roof profile schematic including materials typically included in construction.
Green Roofs for Stormwater - Articles Articles

Green Roofs for Stormwater

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

Guidance on how green roofs can be constructed and how they can be expected to contribute to solving stormwater problems. More
Watershed Welcome Sign
Introduction to Watersheds - Articles Articles

Introduction to Watersheds

Jennifer R Fetter

Have you ever passed a sign welcoming you to a watershed and wondered what it means? Here are some basic facts about watersheds to help you out. More
Rock Swale
Improving Stormwater Quality - Articles Articles

Improving Stormwater Quality

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

Various low impact development (LIDs) practices and how effective they are at reducing pollutants in stormwater. More
Controlling the Dewatering of Sedimentation Basins
Controlling the Dewatering of Sedimentation Basins - Articles Articles
Design criterion provided that can be used by engineers to properly size various dewatering control features used as part of the basin’s principal spillway. More
Creating an Infiltration Surface
Creating an Infiltration Surface - Articles Articles

Creating an Infiltration Surface

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

Information for contractors to properly build an infiltration surface; the soil surface where stormwater or wastewater is expected to enter the soil profile. More
Selecting a Faircloth Skimmer
Selecting a Faircloth Skimmer - Articles Articles

Selecting a Faircloth Skimmer

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

A skimmer is a basin dewatering control device that withdraws water from near the basin’s water surface, removing the highest quality water from the basin for delivery to the uncontrolled environment. More
Rainwater Cistern (image credit - Ecology Center on flickr.com CC BY 2.0)
Cisterns for Capturing and Reusing Stormwater - Articles Articles
Guidance provided on how to develop effective runoff capture and reuse systems as part of a stormwater management plan. More
Infiltrating Stormwater
Infiltrating Stormwater - Articles Articles

Infiltrating Stormwater

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

Guidance to stormwater designers about assessing a potential stormwater infiltration site to determine the rate and volume of stormwater that can be expected to infiltrate into the soil. More
Figure 1. Typical bioretention cell.
Rain Gardens (BioRetention Cells) - a Stormwater BMP - Articles Articles
Design guidance provided for engineers and planners on how to properly develop a bioretention cell. More
Wet Basements
Wet Basements - Articles Articles

Wet Basements

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

Understanding and correcting wet basements is a key topic for homeowners. More
Open Parking Lot
The Role of Trees and Forests in Healthy Watersheds - Articles Articles
Managing stormwater, reducing flooding, and improving water quality. More
Exposed and eroding stream banks can be restored and stabilized through the practice of live staking.
Live Staking for Stream Restoration - Articles Articles

Live Staking for Stream Restoration

Jennifer R Fetter, Kristen Kyler

A brief introduction and instructional guide to using live staking as an inexpensive and simple technique to restoring eroding stream banks. More
A Green Solution to Stormwater Management
A Green Solution to Stormwater Management - Articles Articles
As landscapes grow and develop, the health of streams and rivers affects the quantity and quality of the rainfall entering waterways; what many call stormwater. More
A Marcellus shale gas well pad in Pennsylvania (image credit Tom Murphy)
PA and National Academic Standards: Water and Shale Gas Videos - Articles Articles
Detail about the academic standards addressed by the water and shale gas videos available from Penn State Extension More
Recognize and Conserve Natural Enemies
Recognize and Conserve Natural Enemies - Articles Articles

Recognize and Conserve Natural Enemies

Karen Bernhard, Emelie Swackhamer, Gregory Hoover

Before you attempt to control a pest, take time to identify the suspects properly. Are you really sure they are harmful? More