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The Importance of Forests to Clean Water - Webinars Webinars
Bryan Swistock from Penn State discusses "forest hydrology" or the movement of water within forested watersheds and how that ensures clean water. More
Managing Water Resources To Protect Against West Nile Virus
Managing Water Resources To Protect Against West Nile Virus - Webinars Webinars
Penn State Extension Water Resources Educator, Susan Boser, discusses the West Nile Virus. More
Innovations in Youth Water Education
Innovations in Youth Water Education - Webinars Webinars

Innovations in Youth Water Education

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Jennifer Fetter discusses a new youth water education program, now formally known as the 4-H Stream Teams Program. More
Atmospheric Deposition in Pennsylvania
Atmospheric Deposition in Pennsylvania - Webinars Webinars
Dr. Elizabeth Boyer from Penn State presents results of atmospheric deposition research. More
There are steps that you can take to help prevent septic waste from backing up into your home during flooding. Photo: George Hurd, Penn State Extension
Protecting Your Septic System From Flooding - Articles Articles
Although your septic system may work well during dry weather, too much water from flooding or heavy rains can cause problems. More
Rock Swale
Improving Stormwater Quality - Articles Articles

Improving Stormwater Quality

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

Various low impact development (LIDs) practices and how effective they are at reducing pollutants in stormwater. More
Infiltrating Stormwater
Infiltrating Stormwater - Articles Articles

Infiltrating Stormwater

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

Guidance to stormwater designers about assessing a potential stormwater infiltration site to determine the rate and volume of stormwater that can be expected to infiltrate into the soil. More