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A crappie bass from a small pond.
Fish for Pennsylvania Ponds - Articles Articles

Fish for Pennsylvania Ponds

Bryan Swistock, Jay Stauffer, Jr., Ph.D.

Dozens of fish species are suitable for stocking in Pennsylvania ponds, but some species are usually more successful than others. More
Pond Agencies and Permits in Pennsylvania
Pond Agencies and Permits in Pennsylvania - Articles Articles
Information on the role of various agencies and permits that may be required for construction or maintenance of earthen ponds. More
Duckweed and watermeal covering a pond.
Duckweed and Watermeal - Articles Articles

Duckweed and Watermeal

Bryan Swistock

Duckweed and watermeal are free-floating aquatic plants that are commonly encountered in Pennsylvania. They are commonly found in nutrient-rich ponds with stagnant or little flow. More
Pond Measurements: Area, Volume and Residence Time
Pond Measurements: Area, Volume and Residence Time - Articles Articles
An explanation of basic pond measurements that are vital to basic pond management practices. More
Interpreting Water Tests for Ponds and Lakes
Interpreting Water Tests for Ponds and Lakes - Articles Articles
This document describes parameters included in the Penn State pond/lake water test kit to help pond owners detect common water quality problems. More
Common Causes of Fish Kills in Ponds
Common Causes of Fish Kills in Ponds - Articles Articles
Fish kills are common in many ponds. This article describes common reasons for fish kills in different seasons. More
A leaking pond located in central Pennsylvania.
Fixing a Leaking Pond - Articles Articles

Fixing a Leaking Pond

Bryan Swistock

Pond leaks are a very common pond management problem in PA. This article introduces the steps for determining if a pond is leaking and tips for repairing leaks. More
Water Quality Concerns for Ponds
Water Quality Concerns for Ponds - Articles Articles
This is a summary of some common water quality parameters that may cause problems in ponds and how to detect and treat them. More
Exposed and eroding stream banks can be restored and stabilized through the practice of live staking.
Live Staking for Stream Restoration - Articles Articles

Live Staking for Stream Restoration

Jennifer R Fetter, Kristen Kyler

A brief introduction and instructional guide to using live staking as an inexpensive and simple technique to restoring eroding stream banks. More
What is this Plant in my Pond?
What is this Plant in my Pond? - Articles Articles
Learn how to eliminate aquatic plants that have suddenly overtaken your pond, and have become a problem either aesthetically or for the pond’s recreational use. More
Planktonic algae bloom. Photo: Ed Molesky, Aqua-Link, Inc.
Pond Algae: It's Not All Bad! - Articles Articles
Late summer brings questions to Penn State Extension from pond owners about nuisance algae growth. More
A weighted onion bag with loose barley straw.
Barley Straw for Algae Control - Articles Articles
In recent years, the use of barley straw has become more common as an alternative method for controlling excessive algae growth. More
Pond Ecology
Pond Ecology - Articles Articles

Pond Ecology

Bryan Swistock

A brief overview of the natural processes of an earthen pond and how to maintain a healthy pond. More
Pond Assessment and Inspection
Pond Assessment and Inspection - Articles Articles
This article discusses some of the critical components of a typical pond that should be identified and inspected before tackling pond management issues. More
Planktonic Algae
Planktonic Algae - Articles Articles

Planktonic Algae

Bryan Swistock

Planktonic algae floats in the water column and can sometimes be confused with muddy water. It causes the water to look green, brown or reddish in color. More
Elodea (Common Waterweed)
Elodea (Common Waterweed) - Articles Articles

Elodea (Common Waterweed)

Bryan Swistock

Elodea is one of the few pond plants that can remain green all winter long. More
Figure 1. Largemouth bass are one of the most common and prized fish in Pennsylvania ponds.
Pond Fisheries Management - Articles Articles

Pond Fisheries Management

Bryan Swistock

Discover some simple methods for fisheries management, including strategies to resolve common fish problems. More
Figure 1. Filamentous algae as it typically appears in July or August after forming floating mats.
Filamentous Algae - Articles Articles

Filamentous Algae

Bryan Swistock

Different species of filamentous algae exist, but all have a similar growth habit. These algae begin growth in the winter and early spring on the pond bottom. More
Fish ponds provide can aesthetic beauty, wildlife habitat, fishing, swimming, as well as water for livestock, irrigation, or fire protection.
Management of Fish Ponds in Pennsylvania - Articles Articles

Management of Fish Ponds in Pennsylvania

Bryan Swistock, William Sharpe, Ph.D.

Are you building a new pond on your property? Do you already have a pond that you use for swimming, irrigation, fishing, or other activities? More