Video Series Answers Questions About Sanitizers in Wash Water

A Penn State Extension farm food safety video series is available for fruit and vegetable growers seeking more detailed information on farm food safety of harvested crops.
Video Series Answers Questions About Sanitizers in Wash Water - News


The use of a triple sink wash system in combination with a sanitizer can help reduce the risk of pathogen contamination in fresh fruits and vegetable.

The "Using Sanitizers in Wash Water" series was designed for farmers and others involved in the post-harvest handling and cleaning of fresh produce. The three short educational videos recommend best practices so that postharvest handlers of produce understand the potential risks and how to minimize those risks through proper washing and use of wash water sanitizers.

Developed by Dr. Luke LaBorde, Associate Professor of Food Science, and Lee Stivers, Extension Educator in Horticulture, the videos address food safety considerations for complying with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) standards.

The first video, "Reasons for Washing Fresh Produce," provides an overview of food safety considerations addressed in the series, focusing on the conditions under which growers should was produce postharvest and the steps for proper washing. The second video, "Types of Washing Systems" reviews the various wash systems and which systems require a sanitizer. The third video, "Correct Use of Sanitizers" addresses technical considerations in selecting the appropriate sanitizer, and how to efffectively and safely apply the product.

Using Sanitizers in Wash Water Series

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