Victory Garden Workshop Series

Join us for a 23 week course to learn proper techniques and procedures to have your own backyard garden.
Victory Garden Workshop Series - Workshops
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Join the Master Gardeners of Franklin County for Victory Garden Workshop Series! A series of 23 weekly classes designed for participants who desire to have a backyard garden and want to learn proper gardening techniques and procedures.

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The morning begins with a short class related to what is happening in the garden at that time of year. After the classroom time, participants will work outdoors in the garden alongside Master Gardeners. Harvested fresh produce will be shared by the participants. Space is limited, register today!

What is a Victory Garden?

At their peak, there were more than 20 million Victory Gardens planted across the United States with more than 1 million tons of produce grown during WWII. Victory Gardens were not only a way to aid the war, they also allowed citizens at home to be a part of the war effort. Join the Franklin County Master Gardeners to learn how to start your own Victory Garden and grow enough fresh vegetables through the summer for immediate family and neighbors, and maybe enough to preserve for the winter months.

Gardening Attire & Tools

Participants are asked to wear garden clothes and to bring their own gloves. Garden tools will be provided at the workshop.


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