Vegetable Disease Updates for August 23, 2017

Late blight suspected in Lehigh County, PA.
Vegetable Disease Updates for August 23, 2017 - News


Severe foliar late blight symptoms on tomato. Photo: Beth K. Gugino, Penn State

In addition to the reports from Chester, Indiana and Cumberland counties, late blight is now also suspected in Lehigh County on tomato. A sample has been sent to the Plant Disease Clinic for confirmation. The evening/night temperatures and dew periods have been especially favorable for late blight so please continue scouting - the season is not over just yet!

If you suspect late blight on your farm, please contact your local Penn State Extension Office or let Beth Gugino know via email at or by phone at 814-865-7328. We are interested in collecting samples so we can better understand how the pathogen population is changing both within and across growing seasons. Also for the information regarding where the latest confirmed outbreaks have been reported and to receive email or text alerts about when late blight has been confirmed with a personally defined radius from your location visit