Value of Growing for the Local Craft Beverage Industry

What is the value to farmers of growing inputs for the local craft beverage industry in western PA?
Value of Growing for the Local Craft Beverage Industry - Articles


Photo by Heather Manzo

This infographic, titled "Growing for the Local Craft Beverage Industry in Western PA: Value of Growing for Craft Beverages" provides information for growers about the financial value of growing for this industry. A detailed description of the graphs and figures follows:

Top left: Text: Half of brewers in southwest Pennsylvania would find their product more valuable if it was made with local inputs.

Top right: Text: 62% of brewers are willing to pay more for local ingredients. Visual: pie chart, 62% black, 38% white.

Bottom: Text: Local brewers predict a 70% increase in production over the next 3 years. Visual: Bar graph titled "Local brewers producing over 500 barrels/year”. 2 columns: 2017 and 2020. 2017: 48% of businesses report producing over 500 barrels/year. 2018: 82% expect to produce over 500 barrels/year.