Using Sanitizers in Wash Water: Part 2 - Types of Wash Systems

This series of three technical videos provides detailed information on best practices to maintain produce quality and safety following the harvest of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Using Sanitizers in Wash Water: Part 2 - Types of Wash Systems - Videos


The need for adding sanitizers to wash water depends on the type of wash system used.

Parts 1 and 3:

Using Sanitizers in Wash Water: Part 1 - Reasons for Washing Fresh Produce

Using Sanitizers in Wash Water: Part 3 - Correct Use of Sanitizers


Tracking Listeria monocytogenes in produce production, packing, and processing environments Food safety validation of mushroom growing, packing, and processing procedures Farm food safety, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) training Hazards Analysis and Risk Based Preventive Controls (HACCP) training Technical assistance to home and commercial food processors Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

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Commercial Horticulture Vegetable and Small Fruit Greenhouse Ornamentals Grapes FSMA and GAPs

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