Urban Soils and Nutrient Management Q and A

Learn about the dynamics of urban soils and nutrient management in this interactive Q+A session with Penn State urban soils expert Dr. Patrick Drohan
Urban Soils and Nutrient Management Q and A - Workshops
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Length: 2 hours
Language: English

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Ever wonder how much compost is too much? How different growing media affect the bioavailability of nutrients in your soil? Or how to move forward with the recommendations on your soil test using local, affordable, and sustainable amendments? Dr. Drohan will be answering these questions and more during this 2 hour seminar.

About the Presenter:

Dr. Patrick Drohan’s research examines people’s use of landscapes and the accompanying changes in soil function across the larger ecosystem the soil supports. His research addresses basic science questions, but also demonstrates how this new knowledge can be used in applied research to improve land management and ecosystem stability. Dr. Drohan has taught over 24 different courses in the natural and physical sciences, and currently teaches: urban soils; soil genesis and classification; field interpretation of soil properties; and study abroad courses in Scotland and Ireland on soil and society’s co-evolution through time. For more information about Dr. Drohan please visit his directory page.

Who is this for?

Farmers, gardeners, and individuals interested in urban soil health.

What will you learn?

Best practices for building soil health in urban soils, local resources for building urban soil health, strategies for nutrient management in urban soils.


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