Unveiling Penn State Extension's New 4-H Rain to Drain, Slow the Flow

Jennifer Fetter discusses the new "Rain to Drain - Slow the Flow" curricula - a fun, engaging, hands-on experiment and activity on the basics of stormwater.
Unveiling Penn State Extension's New 4-H Rain to Drain, Slow the Flow - Webinars
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Recorded: September 28, 2015, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Rain to Drain also teaches about actions that learners can take to help improve the movement of stormwater on their property and in their community. This is a complete curriculum that can be used with middle and high school students but is also adaptable to adult audiences, younger youth, and mixed audiences at community fairs and events.

We encourage educators of all types, civic minded community members, youth organization volunteers, and anyone else interested in helping others better understand the movement of water in their community to join us for this webinar.

Time Log

  • 3:58 - Introduction
  • 10:00 - Rain to Drain, Slow the Flow Activity Description
  • 34:38 - Beyond the Experiment
  • 41:18 - Question/Answer Session Begins
  • 48:58 - Webinar Ends


Youth Water Education & Curriculum Development Conservation Volunteer Management Stormwater Management Safe Drinking Water Innovative Watershed Restoration Approaches Watershed Collaboratives

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