Understanding Dairy Business for the Conservation Professional

The goal of this workshop is to help conservationists better understand the dairy business and become more effective communicators when helping dairy farmers consider and implement conservation practices.
Understanding Dairy Business for the Conservation Professional - Workshops
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Length: 4 hours
Language: English

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How well do you know your audience?

When you visit a dairy operation to talk about potential conservation practices, do you feel comfortable when the conversation turns to the dairy business itself?

Brush up on your dairy business lingo and vocabulary and gain an improved understanding of the priorities, challenges, and considerations that a dairy operator is thinking about while you are talking best management practices for water and soil conservation.

Who is this for?

Conservation professionals working with dairy operations that are considering implementing conservation practices.

  • County Conservation District and NRCS Staff
  • Conservation Planners
  • Ag Consultants
  • Conservation Organizations and Land Trusts
  • Current students in conservation and environmental resources who might work with the Ag community
What will you learn?

The Penn State Extension Dairy Business Team will guide us through:

  • Dairy 101 Vocabulary (do you know what a 100 weight is? What about Cost of Production?)
  • DHIA 202 Reports (what are they, what’s in them and why would they be important to you?)
  • The Current Status of the Dairy Industry (how much money are farmers losing right now?)
  • The Financial Incentives of Conservation Practices (when money is tight, how can conservation generate revenue?)
  • Extension Dairy Business Team Resources (how can the team help you?)

We will close with a group discussion about how conservation professionals and dairy business educators can work together to help our local dairy farmers succeed in this difficult market.

Lunch will be provided as part of this FREE workshop thanks to the generous support of the Lancaster Clean Water Partners. Please send an email to jrf21@psu.edu if you have any special dietary needs to bring to our attention.


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