Turf and Ornamental Meeting

The Turf and Ornamental Meeting offers a great opportunity to learn about topics that are important to the industry and to network with peers.
Turf and Ornamental Meeting - Workshops
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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

* General Agenda *

08:30 am Registration

09:00 am Proper Site Analysis for Pesticide Applicators

10:00 am Break

10:15 am Update on Invasives

11:00 am Rain Gardens / Bio Retention Sites

11:45 am Lunch (included)

02:30 pm Evaluations / Awarding of Pesticide Credits / Adjourn

Ornamental Session

01:00 pm What’s New with Ornamental Plant Pest Management

01:50 pm Insects of Herbaceous Perennials & Their Management

Turf Session

01:00 pm Turf Diagnosis & Solutions

01:50 pm Turf Diseases, the New, the Bad & the Ever Present


Christmas Tree Production Curriculum Development Landscape Establishment and Maintenance Nursery and Ornamental Production Pesticide Safety Program Delivery Turfgrass Weed Control/Vegetation Management

More by Tracey Lynn Harpster 

Vegetable and Small Fruit Beekeeping Green Industry

More by Tom Butzler 

Greenhouse Production Nursery Production Landscape Management Turf Management Tree Fruit Production Vegetable and Small Fruit Production Hydroponic Production Specialty Cut Flower Production Grape Production Hops Production

More by Thomas Ford 

Commercial Horticulture Green Industry Turfgrass Management Vegetable and Small Fruit

More by Tanner Delvalle 

Urban Forestry Arboriculture Green Infrastructure Urban Stormwater Management

More by Vincent Cotrone 

Floriculture Plant Propagation Plant Breeding Plant Nutrition

More by Sinclair Adam 

Integrated Pest Management Entomology Horticulture

More by Tim Abbey 


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