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Information on weed management of turfgrass to control weeds such as wild carrot, yellow woodsorrel, wild onions, shepherd’s purse, knotweed, bedstraw, thistle, yellow nutsedge and multiflora rose. Tips on identifying weeds and using pesticides.

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Landscape IPM Seminar
Landscape IPM Seminar - Workshops Workshops

Landscape IPM Seminar


Wexford, PA

This seminar provides valuable research-based information along with re-certification and continuing education credits. More
Turf and Ornamental Conference of Northwest Pennsylvania
Turf and Ornamental Conference of Northwest Pennsylvania - Conferences Conferences
World renowned speakers, and over 30 commercial exhibitors, will be present for this day-long Green Industry extravaganza. More
Which Pesticide License Does Your Business Need?
Which Pesticide License Does Your Business Need? - Articles Articles
In Pennsylvania, Green Industry professionals who use pesticides need to understand the Pennsylvania pesticide laws and how to comply with them. More
Zenik Crespo (back, right) assists Hispanic participants as they identify weeds at Johnston’s Everygreen Nursery in Erie. Photo: L. Follett, Johnston’s Evergreen Nursery
Bilingual Workshops Teach Integrated Weed Management - News News
Penn State Extension has developed new resources for weed management and is beginning to offer bilingual training opportunities. More
Professional Pest Managers School
Professional Pest Managers School - Workshops Workshops

Professional Pest Managers School


Lancaster, PA

This one-day pesticide update session provides research-based information for applicators, as well as recertification credits in categories where it can be difficult to find credits. More
Calibration How Tos: How to Calibrate Your Rotary Spreader
Calibration How Tos: How to Calibrate Your Rotary Spreader - Videos Videos
The video shows you how to calibrate your rotary spreader. More
Photo: Chris Evans, University of Illinois, Bugwood.org, Queen Anne's lace, wild carrot, Daucus carota
Wild Carrot or Queen Anne’s Lace - Articles Articles
Wild carrot or Queen Anne’s lace (Daucus carota) is a biennial. More
Grape leaves exhibiting phenoxy-type herbicide damage in 2017. Photo: T. Delvalle, Penn State
Herbicide Drift and Drift Related Damage - Articles Articles
Pesticide applicators are responsible for drift related damage and could face a potential lawsuit. More
Spurge infestation in relation to mowing height. Far left is mowed at 1 inch, middle at 1.75 inches, right at 2.5 inches. Photo: Dr. Pete Landschoot, Penn State
The Impact of Mowing on Weed Pressure - Articles Articles
Perhaps the single most important (and easiest) management tool to control weeds in turf is performing proper mowing practices. More
Photo: Shepherd's-purse Capsella bursa-pastoris Ohio State Weed Lab Archive, The Ohio State University, Bugwood.org
Shepherd's purse - Articles Articles

Shepherd's purse

Tim Abbey

Shepherd's purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris) is a winter annual. More
Organic Land Care Best Management Practices Manual
Organic Land Care Best Management Practices Manual - Articles Articles
This free manual provides recommendations to land managers and landscape contractors on best management practices for effectively conducting organic land care. More
Crabgrass infested lawn. Photo: P. Landschoot, Penn State
Postemergence Control of Crabgrass and Other Summer Annual Grasses in Lawns - Articles Articles
During rainy summers, annual grasses can be an unsightly weed problem in many Pennsylvania lawns. More
Queen Anne’s Lace is commonly found along roadsides
Is It a Weed? - Articles Articles

Is It a Weed?

Tom Butzler

Controlling weeds is important in landscape beds. They appear unsightly and compete with the desirable plants for light, nutrients, moisture. More
Photo: James H. Miller & Ted Bodner, Southern Weed Science Society, Bugwood.org
Yellow Woodsorrel - Articles Articles

Yellow Woodsorrel

Tim Abbey

Yellow woodsorrel (Oxalis stricta) has foliage (composed of three leaflets) that resembles white clover or black medic. More
Photo: John D. Byrd; Mississippi State University, Bugwood.org
Yellow rocket - Articles Articles

Yellow rocket

Tim Abbey

Not all weeds get a “cool” common name, but yellow rocket (Barbarea vulgaris) is one of them. More
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