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Recommendations for diagnosing and managing weeds, diseases and pests in turfgrass, including beetles, grubs, dandelions, webworms, billbugs, chinch bugs and spotted lanternflies. Tips on organic care and using pesticides and fungicides.

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Turf and Ornamentals Workshop
Turf and Ornamentals Workshop - Workshops Workshops

Turf and Ornamentals Workshop


Wilkes Barre, PA

Landscape professionals and pesticide license holders are invited to join us for this update! More
Turf and Ornamentals Conference
Turf and Ornamentals Conference - Conferences Conferences

Turf and Ornamentals Conference

Multiple Options Available

From: $30.00

To: $65.00

Earn pesticide credits, network with peers, and visit with vendors at this annual conference. More
Turf and Ornamental Update
Turf and Ornamental Update - Workshops Workshops
Commercial and public pesticide applicators are encouraged to attend and earn core and category credits. More
Penn State Golf Turf Conference
Penn State Golf Turf Conference - Conferences Conferences
A Preconference Seminar, by Dr. David McCall from Virginia Tech, and a Keynote, by Rodney Smith, Jr., Founder of Raising Men Lawn Care Service, are just a few of the highlights of this conference that you won't want to miss! More
Home Lawn Care Workshop - Workshops Workshops
Learn proper methods of weed control, lawn renovation and management of lawn pests. More
Spotted Lanternfly Permit Training for Businesses
Spotted Lanternfly Permit Training for Businesses - Online Courses Online Courses
Spotted lanternfly is an invasive insect that can damage many crops. Learn best practices to stop its spread. Businesses operating in the quarantine zone must have permits to move equipment and goods within and out of the zone. More
Choosing a Qualified Pest Management or Lawn Care Company
Choosing a Qualified Pest Management or Lawn Care Company - Articles Articles
When you discover a pest problem in or around your home, such as the spotted lanternfly, the first step is to identify the pest. More
Japanese Beetle Management
Japanese Beetle Management - Online Courses Online Courses

Japanese Beetle Management


1 hour

Learn to recognize the damage Japanese beetles do to turfgrass and ornamental plants, and how to manage infestations. Earn pesticide applicator credits. More
Landscape IPM Seminar
Landscape IPM Seminar - Workshops Workshops
This seminar provides valuable research-based information along with re-certification and continuing education credits. More
Turf and Ornamental Conference of Northwest Pennsylvania
Turf and Ornamental Conference of Northwest Pennsylvania - Conferences Conferences
World renowned speakers, and over 30 commercial exhibitors, will be present for this day-long Green Industry extravaganza. More
Turf and Ornamentals School
Turf and Ornamentals School - Workshops Workshops
Pest management information on ornamental plants and turfgrass pests will be covered at this informative school. More
Which Pesticide License Does Your Business Need?
Which Pesticide License Does Your Business Need? - Articles Articles
In Pennsylvania, Green Industry professionals who use pesticides need to understand the Pennsylvania pesticide laws and how to comply with them. More
Landscape Update
Landscape Update - Workshops Workshops
This program provides information about pest management for turf and ornamental landscape plants and help you fulfill your pesticide license recertification requirements. More
Landscaping Field Day
Landscaping Field Day - Workshops Workshops
This one-day event will provide professional managers with educational opportunities geared toward the green industry. More
Professional Pest Managers School
Professional Pest Managers School - Workshops Workshops

Professional Pest Managers School


Lancaster, PA

This one-day pesticide update session provides research-based information for applicators, as well as recertification credits in categories where it can be difficult to find credits. More
European elm scale. Photo: Emelie Swackhamer
Landscape Pest Identification Walk - Workshops Workshops
The Landscape Pest Identification Walk is an informative session on woody ornamental insect and disease problems in the landscape. More
Photo: P. Landschoot, Penn State
SDHI Fungicides for Turfgrass Diseases - Articles Articles

SDHI Fungicides for Turfgrass Diseases

Peter Landschoot, Ph.D.

As summer approaches, plans are being finalized for disease prevention and control programs. More
White grub damage in a residential lawn. Photo: N. Bosold, Penn State (retired)
White Grubs—Underground Marauders in Turf - Articles Articles
White grubs are probably one of the most common turfgrass insect pests encountered in Pennsylvania lawns. More
Photo: P. Landschoot, Penn State
Brown Ring Patch Active in Central PA - News News
In May, 2017, I received a call from a golf course in central PA about a disease producing yellow circular patches on annual bluegrass greens. More
Jim Baker, North Carolina State University,
White Grubs in Home Lawns - Articles Articles
Home lawns in Pennsylvania can be damaged by the larval stages of various species of scarab beetles, including Japanese beetles and northern masked chafer grubs. More
Mark Dreiling,
Sod Webworms in Home Lawns - Articles Articles
Several species of sod webworms or "lawn moths" commonly infest home lawns. The larvae can cause major damage to residential turfgrass, especially during drought. More
Green June Beetle
Green June Beetle - Articles Articles

Green June Beetle

Paul Heller

Home lawns in select areas of Pennsylvania often are subject to severe and extensive injury from green June beetle grubs. More
Natalie Hummel, Louisiana State University AgCenter,
Chinch Bugs in Home Lawns - Articles Articles
Hairy chinch bugs can be frequent pests of home lawns in Pennsylvania. More
David Shetlar, The Ohio State University,
Billbugs in Home Lawns - Articles Articles

Billbugs in Home Lawns

Paul Heller

Several billbug species occur on turf, but the bluegrass billbug is the most common in our state. More
Ants in Home Lawns
Ants in Home Lawns - Articles Articles

Ants in Home Lawns

Gregory Hoover

Several species of ants commonly inhabit home lawns and ornamental plantings of trees and shrubs. More
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