Establishment and Renovation

Planting grass seed for a new lawn or overseeding for renovation or restoration? Penn State turfgrass experts offer lawn maintenance tips on how to plant and grow grass, when to use an aerator, how to fertilize and when to overseed.

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Earth Day is Your Day - News News

Earth Day is Your Day


Please join Penn State Master Gardeners in Lackawanna County on April 13th for a celebration of Earth Day. More
Lawn Establishment
Lawn Establishment - Articles Articles

Lawn Establishment

Peter Landschoot, Ph.D.

Establishing a new lawn begins with careful planning, knowledge of soil conditions, and an understanding of the environmental and cultural requirements of turfgrasses. More
Lynn Sosnoskie, University of Georgia,
Calculating the Price of Pure Live Seed - Articles Articles
How to calculate the cost of seed. More
Turfgrass Establishment
Turfgrass Establishment - Articles Articles

Turfgrass Establishment

Peter Landschoot, Ph.D.

This article describes the general steps in turfgrass establishment. More
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Renovation of Lawns - Articles Articles

Renovation of Lawns

Peter Landschoot, Ph.D.

Lawn renovation is a time-consuming process that should not be undertaken unless steps are taken to correct the underlying cause of turf deterioration. More