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Turfgrass Fertilization Basics Turfgrass Fertilization Basics - Articles

Turfgrass Fertilization Basics

Peter Landschoot, Ph.D.

Dollar for dollar, fertilization does more to improve poor quality turfgrass or maintain good quality turfgrass than any other single management practice. More
Managing Thatch in Lawns
Managing Thatch in Lawns - Articles Articles
Thatch can have either beneficial or detrimental effects on turf depending on the amount present. More
Growing Turf Under Shaded Conditions
Growing Turf Under Shaded Conditions - Articles Articles
The establishment and management of quality turfgrass under shaded conditions often is possible if the basic requirements for turfgrass growth are known and understood. More
Crabgrass (Digitaria spp.)
Control of Summer Annual Grass Weeds in Turfgrasses - Articles Articles
Summer annual grasses continue to be pervasive weed problems in many turfgrass areas throughout Pennsylvania. More
Managing Turfgrass Diseases
Managing Turfgrass Diseases - Guides and Publications Guides and Publications

Managing Turfgrass Diseases

Peter Landschoot, Ph.D.


Identify and manage common diseases in your lawn. More