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Information on weed management and control of trees and shrubs, including mulching, herbicides and pesticides. Tips on dealing with Japanese barberry, mulberry weed, ragweed, sowthistle and knotweeds.

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Controlling Tree of Heaven: Why it Matters
Controlling Tree of Heaven: Why it Matters - Videos Videos

Controlling Tree of Heaven: Why it Matters

David R. Jackson


Learn about the invasive tree-of-heaven, commonly found in Pennsylvania, and how you can use it to help control another invasive species, spotted lanternfly. More
Tree of Heaven: Accurate Identification
Tree of Heaven: Accurate Identification - Videos Videos

Tree of Heaven: Accurate Identification

David R. Jackson


Learn the distinguishing characteristics of the invasive tree-of-heaven that you can use to accurately identify it. More
Tree of heaven leaves. Credit: Bigstock
Tree-of-Heaven - Articles Articles


David R. Jackson, Art Gover

Tree-of-heaven (Ailanthus altissima) also known as ailanthus, is a rapidly growing deciduous tree native to both northeast and central China, as well as Taiwan. Spotted Lanternfly, an invasive pest, is particularly attracted to Tree-of-heaven. More
Mulching Landscape Trees
Mulching Landscape Trees - Articles Articles

Mulching Landscape Trees

David R. Jackson

Mulches are materials placed over the soil surface to enhance landscape beauty, improve soil conditions, protect plants from foot traffic and lawn equipment, and suppress weeds. More
Zenik Crespo (back, right) assists Hispanic participants as they identify weeds at Johnston’s Everygreen Nursery in Erie. Photo: L. Follett, Johnston’s Evergreen Nursery
Bilingual Workshops Teach Integrated Weed Management - Articles Articles
Penn State Extension has developed new resources for weed management and is beginning to offer bilingual training opportunities. More
Which Pesticide License Does Your Business Need?
Which Pesticide License Does Your Business Need? - Articles Articles
In Pennsylvania, Green Industry professionals who use pesticides need to understand the Pennsylvania pesticide laws and how to comply with them. More
Crabapples with vole damage. Note the English ivy being used as a ground cover. Photo: Tim Abbey, Penn State
English Ivy in the Landscape - Articles Articles
English ivy is an evergreen with dark green older foliage that has white veins, while new growth is a lighter green color. More
Professional Pest Managers School
Professional Pest Managers School - Workshops Workshops
This one-day pesticide update session provides research-based information for applicators, as well as recertification credits in categories where it can be difficult to find credits. More
Acer rubrum Red Sunset® on a commercial site with suspected glyphosate damage. Photo: S. Feather, Penn State
Use Glyphosate With Care Near Trees! - Articles Articles
Glyphosate is the active ingredient in non-selective, systemic herbicides sold under a variety of trade names – Round Up, Accord, Glypro, and many others. More
Organic Land Care Best Management Practices Manual
Organic Land Care Best Management Practices Manual - Articles Articles
This free manual provides recommendations to land managers and landscape contractors on best management practices for effectively conducting organic land care. More
Photo: Leslie J. Mehrhoff, University of Connecticut, Bugwood.org, Japanese barberry, Berberis thunbergii, Infestation
The Invasive Japanese Barberry - Articles Articles
Japanese barberry (Berberis thunbergii) is an invasive, non-native woody plant that can grow 3 to 6 feet tall with a similar width. More
Table 9.3. Pesticides for Blueberries in Home Gardens
Table 9.3. Pesticides for Blueberries in Home Gardens - Articles Articles
Informational table showing pesticide recommendations for blueberries. More
Applying Mulches in Home Fruit Plantings
Applying Mulches in Home Fruit Plantings - Articles Articles
Since most mulch materials are applied for weed control, it is important that they be in place before weeds have emerged from the soil. More
Bruce Watt, University of Maine, Bugwood.org
Phomopsis Canker and Twig Blight in Blueberries in Home Fruit Plantings - Articles Articles
Bushes that have been weakened by other factors usually are more prone to phomopsis twig blight and canker. In addition to twig blight and canker, the fungus causes a fruit rot. More
Home Orchard Calendar
Home Orchard Calendar - Articles Articles
Calendar applies to Zone 6, in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Apple bloom generally the last week of April. Adjust timings for other regions. More
Photo: Chris Evans, University of Illinois, Bugwood.org, annual sowthistle, Sonchus oleraceus
Annual Sowthistle - Articles Articles

Annual Sowthistle

Tim Abbey

Annual sowthistle (Sonchus olearaceus) is one of the annual thistles. More
Photo: Mark Czarnota, University of Georgia, Bugwood.org
Mulberry Weed - Articles Articles

Mulberry Weed

Tim Abbey

A weed that has been spreading in recent years in the nursery and landscape trade is mulberry weed. More
Images 1. Common ragweed. DiTomaso, J. UC-Davis, Bugwood.org.
Keep an Eye Out for the Ragweeds - Articles Articles

Keep an Eye Out for the Ragweeds

Dwight Lingenfelter, William S. Curran, Ph.D.

Members of the Aster family, particularly the ragweeds, are never good neighbors and it’s key to understand what your post treatment options are. More
Landscape cloth was used to stablize this steep bank for planting to junipers. Two decades later, removing the landscape cloth is a huge chore.
Putting an End to My Landscape Fabric Nightmare - Articles Articles
Landscape fabric is often used in ornamental landscapes as a method to block weed growth permanently. More
Phytotoxicity from the insecticide Spirotetramat on geraniums. Photo: Thomas G. Ford
Off-label Applications of Pesticides and Phytotoxicity - Articles Articles
Extension professionals and pesticide industry representatives consistently reminded growers to read the pesticide label thoroughly and observe all precautions listed on the label. More
Photo: The Dow Gardens Archive, Dow Gardens, Bugwood.org, showy forsythia, Forsythia x intermedia
Amines or Esters; Which Should You Use? - Articles Articles
As the forsythia comes into full bloom and dandelions show their beauty, one thing is certain; spring is upon us. More
Japanese and Giant Knotweed
Japanese and Giant Knotweed - Articles Articles

Japanese and Giant Knotweed

David R. Jackson

Japanese knotweed (Polygonium cuspidatum) and Giant knotweed (Polygonum sachalinensis) are two invasive, exotic weeds found throughout much of the United States and Canada. More
Japanese Barberry
Japanese Barberry - Articles Articles

Japanese Barberry

David R. Jackson

Japanese barberry (Berberis thunbergii) was introduced from Japan around 1875. It now ranges from Nova Scotia south to North Carolina, and westward to Montana. More
Oriental Bittersweet
Oriental Bittersweet - Articles Articles
Oriental bittersweet is a non-native woody, perennial vine that covers and kills native plants by blocking sunlight, weighing the plants down, and girdling stems and trunks. More
Multiflora Rose
Multiflora Rose - Articles Articles
Multiflora rose is a noxious, non-native shrub considered an invasive weed because of its aggressive growth habit that excludes native plants. More
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