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Information on weed management and control of trees and shrubs, including mulching, herbicides and pesticides. Tips on dealing with Japanese barberry, mulberry weed, ragweed, sowthistle and knotweeds.

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Which Pesticide License Does Your Business Need?
Which Pesticide License Does Your Business Need? - Articles Articles
In Pennsylvania, Green Industry professionals who use pesticides need to understand the Pennsylvania pesticide laws and how to comply with them. More
Crabapples with vole damage. Note the English ivy being used as a ground cover. Photo: Tim Abbey, Penn State
English Ivy in the Landscape - Articles Articles
English ivy is an evergreen with dark green older foliage that has white veins, while new growth is a lighter green color. More
Zenik Crespo (back, right) assists Hispanic participants as they identify weeds at Johnston’s Everygreen Nursery in Erie. Photo: L. Follett, Johnston’s Evergreen Nursery
Bilingual Workshops Teach Integrated Weed Management - News News
Penn State Extension has developed new resources for weed management and is beginning to offer bilingual training opportunities. More
Professional Pest Managers School
Professional Pest Managers School - Workshops Workshops

Professional Pest Managers School


Lancaster, PA

This one-day pesticide update session provides research-based information for applicators, as well as recertification credits in categories where it can be difficult to find credits. More
Calibration How Tos: How to Calibrate Your Rotary Spreader
Calibration How Tos: How to Calibrate Your Rotary Spreader - Videos Videos
The video shows you how to calibrate your rotary spreader. More
Photo: Leslie J. Mehrhoff, University of Connecticut, Bugwood.org, Japanese barberry, Berberis thunbergii, Infestation
The Invasive Japanese Barberry - Articles Articles
Japanese barberry (Berberis thunbergii) is an invasive, non-native woody plant that can grow 3 to 6 feet tall with a similar width. More
Acer rubrum Red Sunset® on a commercial site with suspected glyphosate damage. Photo: S. Feather, Penn State
Use Glyphosate With Care Near Trees! - Articles Articles
Glyphosate is the active ingredient in non-selective, systemic herbicides sold under a variety of trade names – Round Up, Accord, Glypro, and many others. More
Organic Land Care Best Management Practices Manual
Organic Land Care Best Management Practices Manual - Articles Articles
This free manual provides recommendations to land managers and landscape contractors on best management practices for effectively conducting organic land care. More
Landscape cloth was used to stablize this steep bank for planting to junipers. Two decades later, removing the landscape cloth is a huge chore.
Putting an End to My Landscape Fabric Nightmare - Articles Articles
Landscape fabric is often used in ornamental landscapes as a method to block weed growth permanently. More
Introduction to Creating Healthy Landscapes
Introduction to Creating Healthy Landscapes - Articles Articles

Introduction to Creating Healthy Landscapes

Emelie Swackhamer, Larry Kuhns

When a plant looks unhealthy or has been injured by an insect or a mite, often our first impulse is to apply a pesticide. More
Herbicide Summary - Garlon 3A Herbicide Summary - Garlon 3A - Articles
Controls woody plants, broadleaf weeds, and vines; broadcast treatments for site preparation and release of spruce, fir, red pine, and white pine. More
Keeping Plants Well Groomed
Keeping Plants Well Groomed - Articles Articles

Keeping Plants Well Groomed

Emelie Swackhamer, Larry Kuhns

Debris that builds up in the landscape can harbor pests and plant diseases. More
Photo: The Dow Gardens Archive, Dow Gardens, Bugwood.org, showy forsythia, Forsythia x intermedia
Amines or Esters; Which Should You Use? - Articles Articles
As the forsythia comes into full bloom and dandelions show their beauty, one thing is certain; spring is upon us. More
Table 9.3. Pesticides for Blueberries in Home Gardens
Table 9.3. Pesticides for Blueberries in Home Gardens - Articles Articles
Informational table showing pesticide recommendations for blueberries. More
Phytotoxicity from the insecticide Spirotetramat on geraniums. Photo: Thomas G. Ford
Off-label Applications of Pesticides and Phytotoxicity - Articles Articles
Extension professionals and pesticide industry representatives consistently reminded growers to read the pesticide label thoroughly and observe all precautions listed on the label. More
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