Soil Management

Information on soil management of trees and shrubs, including nutritional requirements, soil testing, fertilization, soil fertility and pH. Tips on site selection and dealing with road salt injury.

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Mulching Landscape Trees
Mulching Landscape Trees - Articles Articles

Mulching Landscape Trees

David R. Jackson

Mulches are materials placed over the soil surface to enhance landscape beauty, improve soil conditions, protect plants from foot traffic and lawn equipment, and suppress weeds. More
Gardening From the Ground Up
Gardening From the Ground Up - Articles Articles
Soil health and best practices for urban gardens More
Salt damage on a Leyland cypress. Photo: Tom Ford
Techniques for Dealing with Road Salt Injury - Articles Articles
Sodium chloride remains the predominant deicing compound utilized by residential property owners, township supervisors, and landscape contractors in our region. More
Soil Testing
Soil Testing - Articles Articles
Soil testing is a soil-management tool used to determine the fertility of soil as well as the optimum lime and fertilizer requirements for crops. More
Ericacea (Heath) Family and Their Culture
Ericacea (Heath) Family and Their Culture - Articles Articles

Ericacea (Heath) Family and Their Culture

Jim Sellmer, Ph.D., Rick Bates, Ph.D.

Generally, the ericaceous plants are woody and range in size from low ground covers to small trees over 20 feet tall. More
Choosing Plants Wisely
Choosing Plants Wisely - Articles Articles

Choosing Plants Wisely

Emelie Swackhamer, J. Robert Nuss, Larry Kuhns, Gregory Hoover

To create and maintain a healthy landscape, choose plants that are suited to the conditions in your yard. More
Home Fruit Gardens: Table 1.1. Fertilizer Equivalents
Home Fruit Gardens: Table 1.1. Fertilizer Equivalents - Articles Articles
Use this table to determine the equivalent amounts of nitrogen, phosphate, and potash of each fertilizer material. More
Spent Mushroom Substrate
Spent Mushroom Substrate - Articles Articles

Spent Mushroom Substrate

David Meigs Beyer, Ph.D.

Spent mushroom substrate is the soil-like material remaining after a crop of mushrooms. Spent substrate is high in organic matter making it desirable for use as a soil amendment or soil conditioner. More
Forest Stewardship: Backyard Trees
Forest Stewardship: Backyard Trees - Articles Articles

Forest Stewardship: Backyard Trees

William Elmendorf, Ph.D.

Trees help improve water quality, increase property values and make neighborhoods more visually appealing. This article provides tips for choosing, planting, and caring for backyard trees. More
Impatiens, Downy Mildew - sporulation closeup, photo: Gary Moorman
Overview of Plant Diagnostics - Articles Articles
Getting to the bottom of a plant problem can be a challenge. More
Detail shot of the bark of Pinus bungeana ’Silver Ghost’ at Dawes Arboretum, Newark, OH. Photo: Sandy Feather, Penn State Extension horticulture educator
Lacebark Pine: Its Bark is Better Than its Bite - Articles Articles
Lacebark pine, Pinus bungeana, is native to eastern and central China. More
How to Pasteurize Medium and Sterilize Containers and Tools
How to Pasteurize Medium and Sterilize Containers and Tools - Articles Articles

How to Pasteurize Medium and Sterilize Containers and Tools

Jim Sellmer, Ph.D., Kathy Kelley, Ph.D., Phyllis Lamont

To increase the survival rate for seedlings during germination, containers and tools should be sterilized and pasteurized or sterile soilless mixes should be used as growing medium. More
Don't Guess... Soil Test
Don't Guess... Soil Test - Articles Articles

Don't Guess... Soil Test

Scott Guiser

Proper soil fertility is the foundation for plant health. Different types of plants have specific nutritional requirements and soil pH and nutrient levels vary greatly from site to site. More
Fertilizer injectors are available in many different types, sizes and injector ratios.
How to Mix a Stock Fertilizer Solution for Injectors - Articles Articles
Greenhouse and nursery operators can learn proper use of fertilizer injectors to deliver precise concentrations of water-soluble nutrients to plants. More
Ko Ko Maung,
Soil Fertility and pH in Home Fruit Plantings - Articles Articles
Soil provides support for the plant and is also the storehouse for plant nutrients, water, and oxygen for root growth. More
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