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Information on personal safety when dealing with trees and shrubs, including an arborist short course, inspecting trees for hazards, becoming familiar with heat illness symptoms and reading pesticide labels.

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Tree Climbing School
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Tree Climbing School

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Tree Climbing School is a three-day course that teaches fundamentals of safe tree climbing and maintenance. Major emphasis is placed on learning skills required to climb and prune trees. More
Inspecting Trees For Hazards
Inspecting Trees For Hazards - Articles Articles
A tree presents a hazard if a defective part poses a high risk, upon its structural failure, to cause personal injury or property damage. More
Parts of the Pesticide Label
Parts of the Pesticide Label - Articles Articles
You should always read and understand the label before using any pesticide product. More
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Become Familiar with Heat Illness Symptoms - Articles Articles
When summer temperatures climb, it is extremely important that employers and workers become familiar with the signs, symptoms, and dangers of heat illness. More