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Information on managing operations in the green industry, including license and certification requirements and courses in residential landscape design.

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Does Your Green Industry Business Need a Registered Technician? Does Your Green Industry Business Need a Registered Technician? - Articles
In Pennsylvania, anyone making pesticide applications to land that they do not own or lease is required to have at least one Certified Pesticide Applicator. More
Tree Climbing School
Tree Climbing School - Workshops Workshops

Tree Climbing School

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Tree Climbing School is a three-day course that teaches fundamentals of safe tree climbing and maintenance. Major emphasis is placed on learning skills required to climb and prune trees. More
Proper mulching of the soils surrounding the tree is an important component of tree care. Photo: V. Cotrone, Penn State
Making Sure Your Young Shade Trees Survive - Articles Articles
Whether you just planted one tree or seventy five this spring, having a plan to care for them is key to their survival. More
Salt damage on a Leyland cypress. Photo: Tom Ford
Techniques for Dealing with Road Salt Injury - Articles Articles
Sodium chloride remains the predominant deicing compound utilized by residential property owners, township supervisors, and landscape contractors in our region. More
The Green Industry
The Green Industry - Articles Articles
The green industry in Pennsylvania consists of four main categories, landscaping, ornamentals, floriculture, and turf and each has unique markets and strengths. More
Comunicación es la llave del éxito en una empresa, especialmente una granja con empleados bilingües.
Habilidades de Comunicación en su Operación Hortícola - Articles Articles
La comunicación es un factor importante en la eficiencia de la operación de cualquier lugar de trabajo. More
Christmas Trees
Christmas Trees - Articles Articles

Christmas Trees

Rick Bates, Ph.D.

Christmas trees may be grown in many areas of Pennsylvania however; you will need to absorb the input costs before seeing a return on your investment. More
Photo: Chris Evans, University of Illinois,, annual sowthistle, Sonchus oleraceus
Annual Sowthistle - Articles Articles

Annual Sowthistle

Tim Abbey

Annual sowthistle (Sonchus olearaceus) is one of the annual thistles. More