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Information on species and varieties of ornamentals and floriculture, including poinsettias, violets, hydrangeas, viburnum, marigold, pansy, lilac, mountain ash, irises, lilies, narcissus, impatiens, holly, pothos, hostas, lilies and gloxinia.

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Coneflowers (Echinacea) can be divided. Photo credit: Lois Miklas
A Guide to Dividing Perennials - Articles Articles

A Guide to Dividing Perennials

Pamela T. Hubbard

One of the gardener’s most rewarding tasks is dividing perennials. Not only is it an easy way to acquire more plants, but it helps them stay vigorous and healthy. More
Autumn Leaves of Many Colors
Autumn Leaves of Many Colors - Workshops Workshops
Learn why leaves change colors and then fall from the tree! More
Photo credit: F.D. Richards CC BY-SA 2.0
Orienpet Lilies are Show-Stoppers in the Garden - Articles Articles
Orienpet, or OT, lilies combine the best characteristics of Oriental and trumpet lilies. This article discusses their care along with recommended cultivars and companions. More
A lotus flower form of a tree peony, 'Guardian of the Monastery', Photo credit: TJ Mrazik
The Beloved Peony - Articles Articles

The Beloved Peony

Thomas Mrazik

Peony flowers have richness unlike any others. Home gardeners can create an exquisite and long-lasting display by understanding the types of peonies available and the proper planting requirements. More
Photo: Alyssa Collins
Penn State Flower Trials Aid Industry, Consumers in Picking Posies - News News
The Penn State Flower Trials — in its 85th year — has a powerful benefit in Pennsylvania and beyond. Penn State's Southeast Agricultural Research and Extension Center in Manheim, Lancaster County, serves as the epicenter of the trials. More
Highlights of the 2017 Penn State Flower Trials
Highlights of the 2017 Penn State Flower Trials - News News
In 2017, 931 entries were in the Penn State Flower trials at the Southeast Agricultural Research and Extension Center, in Manheim PA. More
Planting Ornamentals
Planting Ornamentals - Articles Articles

Planting Ornamentals

Jim Sellmer, Ph.D., Martin McGann, J. Robert Nuss

This publication covers the factors involved in successful, healthy and long-lived plantings, including buying healthy plants, different types of ornamentals, and the proper way to plant them. More
Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia spp.)
Heat and Drought Tolerant Plants - Articles Articles
Sandy Feather, extension educator in Allegheny county, has prepared this list of trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials that don't just survive but will thrive in our long, hot summers. More
Wild bees like this bumble bee are essential to Pennsylvania agriculture.
Conserving Wild Bees in Pennsylvania - Articles Articles

Conserving Wild Bees in Pennsylvania

Mary Barbercheck, Ph.D., David Mortensen, Ph.D.

Wild bees, which include native and naturalized bees, pollinate a variety of crops. In areas of Pennsylvania, wild bees already provide the majority of pollination for some summer vegetable crops. More
Flower Trials Field Day
Flower Trials Field Day - Workshops Workshops
Celebrating 85 years, this event is one of the largest programs of its kind! More
Queen Anne’s Lace is commonly found along roadsides
Is It a Weed? - Articles Articles

Is It a Weed?

Tom Butzler

Controlling weeds is important in landscape beds. They appear unsightly and compete with the desirable plants for light, nutrients, moisture. More
The African Sunset petunia is one of the genetically engineered varieties that the USDA is asking breeders to destroy. Photo: S. Adam, Penn State
Illegal Petunias Pulled From Flower Trials - News News
As horticultural producers of bedding plants are winding down the busy spring season, it came as a shock to many that some of the petunias being produced are actually illegal. More
Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University, Bugwood.org
Oystershell Scale - Articles Articles
The oystershell scale is a common armored scale insect that causes injury to shade trees and shrubs, most often lilac, ash, dogwood, maple, poplar, and willow. More
Lorraine Graney, Bartlett Tree Experts, Bugwood.org
Obscure Scale - Articles Articles
The armored obscure scale is a key pest of oak in Pennsylvania, and can attack other woody host plants such as beech, dogwood, hickory, maple, and willow. More
Eric R. Day, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Bugwood.org
Magnolia Scale - Articles Articles
The magnolia scale is one of the largest scale insects in the United States. It feeds only on magnolia. More
Lacy L. Hyche, Auburn University, Bugwood.org
European Fruit Lecanium - Articles Articles
The European fruit lecanium is a key soft scale insect pest of shade trees and other woody ornamental plants in Pennsylvania. More
Lorraine Graney, Bartlett Tree Experts, Bugwood.org
Eastern Spruce Gall Adelgid - Articles Articles
The eastern spruce gall adelgid is a key pest of Norway spruce, Picea abies, in northeastern United States. More
Figure 1. Adult boxelder bug
Boxelder Bug - Articles Articles
The boxelder bug frequently becomes a nuisance pest around homes and buildings near plantings of the boxelder, Acer negundo. More
Penn State Department of Plant Pathology & Environmental Microbiology Archives, Penn State, Bugwood.org
Aphids on Ornamentals - Articles Articles
Many species of aphids or plant lice occur on ornamental trees and shrubs in Pennsylvania. More
Boxwoods for Pennsylvania Landscapes
Boxwoods for Pennsylvania Landscapes - Articles Articles

Boxwoods for Pennsylvania Landscapes

Jim Sellmer, Ph.D., Gregory Hoover

In the nursery and landscape trade today, numerous boxwood varieties and hybrids are available. More
Photo by Pamela T. Hubbard
Cutting Down Perennials in the Fall - Articles Articles

Cutting Down Perennials in the Fall

Nancy Knauss, Pamela T. Hubbard

Most of the perennials in the garden are finished blooming and it's time to throw in the towel for the growing season. More
Choosing and Caring for Houseplants
Choosing and Caring for Houseplants - Articles Articles
Plants make a welcome addition to the home or office, but did you know that houseplants could actually clean the air? More
Long-blooming Perennials
Long-blooming Perennials - Articles Articles
A listing of perennial plants with long bloom times. More
Handling and Planting "Bare Root" Plants in the Home Landscape
Handling and Planting "Bare Root" Plants in the Home Landscape - Articles Articles
How to choose and get the best results from 'bare root' trees, shrubs, and other perrenials. More
Flowering Houseplants
Flowering Houseplants - Articles Articles
Great tips for bringing the outdoors In! More
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