Soil Management

Information on soil management of ornamentals and floricultre, including soil testing, choosing plants wisely, care of perennials and houseplants, proper fertilization and compost. Tips on homemade potting media and dealing with road salt injury.

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Workshop at Heritage Farm
Master Class: Soils, Urban Environments and Tough Choices - Workshops Workshops
An overview of urban soils and their use in a variety of urban roles More
Bringing Houseplants Indoors
Bringing Houseplants Indoors - Articles Articles
Many houseplants thrive outdoors in the summertime, but must be brought indoors before temperatures get too low. They need to readjust to conditions inside the house. More
Flowering Houseplants
Flowering Houseplants - Articles Articles
Great tips for bringing the outdoors In! More
Chrysanthemums - Articles Articles
How to get great mums without a lot of work. More
Annuals - Articles Articles
How to choose the right plants, the right location and proper planting techniques. More
Salt damage on a Leyland cypress. Photo: Tom Ford
Techniques for Dealing with Road Salt Injury - Articles Articles
Sodium chloride remains the predominant deicing compound utilized by residential property owners, township supervisors, and landscape contractors in our region. More
Gardening From the Ground Up
Gardening From the Ground Up - Articles Articles
Soil health and best practices for urban gardens More
Soil Testing
Soil Testing - Articles Articles
Soil testing is a soil-management tool used to determine the fertility of soil as well as the optimum lime and fertilizer requirements for crops. More
Impatiens, Downy Mildew - sporulation closeup, photo: Gary Moorman
Overview of Plant Diagnostics - Articles Articles
Getting to the bottom of a plant problem can be a challenge. More
Windrow composting - the most commonly-used and labor-intenstive composting method
Compost: How to Make it and How Much to Use - Articles Articles

Compost: How to Make it and How Much to Use

Andrew Frankenfield, Alison Grantham

Here we share the benefits and drawbacks of 4 compost production methods, as well as 6 straightforward tips for using compost. More
Fertilizer injectors are available in many different types, sizes and injector ratios.
How to Mix a Stock Fertilizer Solution for Injectors - Articles Articles
Greenhouse and nursery operators can learn proper use of fertilizer injectors to deliver precise concentrations of water-soluble nutrients to plants. More
Why isn't My African Violet Flowering?
Why isn't My African Violet Flowering? - Articles Articles
Most modern African violets (Saintpaulia spp.) bloom throughout the year without much effort on the grower’s part. More
Detail shot of the bark of Pinus bungeana ’Silver Ghost’ at Dawes Arboretum, Newark, OH. Photo: Sandy Feather, Penn State Extension horticulture educator
Lacebark Pine: Its Bark is Better Than its Bite - Articles Articles
Lacebark pine, Pinus bungeana, is native to eastern and central China. More
All of plants shown here are in containers, plus many that cannot be seen in this image. It would be nearly impossible to keep them all watered properly without an irrigation system.
Building and Operating a Home Container Irrigation System - Articles Articles

Building and Operating a Home Container Irrigation System

Tom Butzler, Thomas Maloney, Darryl Dressler

Keeping many pots of flowers and vegetables watered consistently including when you are on vacation requires the installation of an irrigation system. More
Choosing Plants Wisely
Choosing Plants Wisely - Articles Articles

Choosing Plants Wisely

Emelie Swackhamer, J. Robert Nuss, Larry Kuhns, Gregory Hoover

To create and maintain a healthy landscape, choose plants that are suited to the conditions in your yard. More
Over-Fertilization of Potted Plants
Over-Fertilization of Potted Plants - Articles Articles

Over-Fertilization of Potted Plants

Gary W. Moorman, Ph.D.

Over-fertilization of commercial pot or container-grown crops results in high concentrations of soluble salts in the potting medium. More
Abiotic Diseases Of Woody Ornamentals
Abiotic Diseases Of Woody Ornamentals - Articles Articles

Abiotic Diseases Of Woody Ornamentals

Gary W. Moorman, Ph.D.

Of the two major types of diseases of woody ornamentals; biotic and abiotic—abiotic diseases are by far the most important ones on landscape and nursery plants. More
Care and Maintenance of Perennials
Care and Maintenance of Perennials - Articles Articles

Care and Maintenance of Perennials

Constance Schmotzer

There is some basic care needed to keep your perennials in their best form and to come back year after year. More
Homemade Potting Media
Homemade Potting Media - Articles Articles

Homemade Potting Media

Jim Sellmer, Ph.D., Kathy Kelley, Ph.D.

Many cost conscious home gardeners and do-it-yourselfers are often looking for cheaper ways of growing plants for home and garden use. One way to achieve this may be by making homemade potting media. More
How to Pasteurize Medium and Sterilize Containers and Tools
How to Pasteurize Medium and Sterilize Containers and Tools - Articles Articles

How to Pasteurize Medium and Sterilize Containers and Tools

Jim Sellmer, Ph.D., Kathy Kelley, Ph.D., Phyllis Lamont

To increase the survival rate for seedlings during germination, containers and tools should be sterilized and pasteurized or sterile soilless mixes should be used as growing medium. More
Caring for Houseplants
Caring for Houseplants - Articles Articles

Caring for Houseplants

Kathy Kelley, Ph.D.

Learning how to develop an ideal environment for houseplants will create lasting enjoyment. More