Information on choosing, planting and maintaining ornamentals and floriculture, including pruning, diagnosing plant health, plant life cycles, container gardening, repotting, fertilizing, water quality checklist and integrated pest management.

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Pruning Flowering Shrubs
Pruning Flowering Shrubs - Articles Articles
The correct time to prune your flowering shrubs depends on when they flower. More
Container Gardening
The Art of Container Gardening - Articles Articles
Constructing a container garden isn’t about doing everything perfectly. In fact, there is no right way to create a container garden. More
Frost damage on ash
Will My Woody Plants Recover from Freeze Damage - Articles Articles
When we have unusually high temperatures in early spring, many woody trees and shrubs will break bud and leaf out or flower early. More
Scheduling Disease Control In Woody Ornamentals
Scheduling Disease Control In Woody Ornamentals - Articles Articles
The scheduling of effective disease management measures is not a simple task nor can it be standardized. More
Tissue cultured plantlets: just from the lab
Tissue Culture Finishing for Greenhouse Growers: Stage III-Stage IV - Articles Articles
In the past 25 years great development has occurred in tissue culture plant production for horticulture. More
Altenanthera spp. Photo: T. Ford, Penn State
Elevated Sodium in Irrigation Water and Crop Injury - Articles Articles
Elevated sodium and chloride levels are being observed more frequently in private water supplies in rural areas. More
When retail greenhouse space gets scarce, plants literally get stacked up. Photo: L. Stivers, Penn State
When Plants Back Up in the Retail Greenhouse - Articles Articles
Timing product supply and quality with peak customer demand is often a challenge for greenhouse operators. More
How good is your greenhouse water?
Water Quality Checklist for Greenhouse Growers - Articles Articles
A quick check of the quality of water you use for irrigation and pesticide application can save you time and headaches in the future. More
Sowbugs and pillbugs congregate in moist areas. Photo by Sinclair Adam.
Sowbugs and Pillbugs: Occasional but Destructive Greenhouse Pests - Articles Articles
We hear periodic reports of sowbug and/or pillbug outbreaks in greenhouses and high tunnels in Pennsylvania. More
Long-blooming Perennials
Long-blooming Perennials - Articles Articles
A listing of perennial plants with long bloom times. More
Handling and Planting "Bare Root" Plants in the Home Landscape
Handling and Planting "Bare Root" Plants in the Home Landscape - Articles Articles
How to choose and get the best results from 'bare root' trees, shrubs, and other perrenials. More
Plants for Your Office
Plants for Your Office - Articles Articles
Green plants make a welcome addition to any office, but did you know that plants could actually clean the air? More
Greenhouse IPM
Greenhouse IPM - Articles Articles
PA IPM has devoted a great deal of effort to designing IPM solutions for greenhouse production, particularly biological control. More
Chrysanthemums - Articles Articles
How to get great mums without a lot of work. More
Plant with Care
Plant with Care - Articles Articles

Plant with Care

Emelie Swackhamer, Larry Kuhns

One of the most important steps you can take to ensure the health and long life of your plants is to plant them correctly. More
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