Pests and Diseases

Recommendations for managing pests and diseases, including Fletcher scale, leafhoppers, spotted lanternfly, webworms, mites, caterpillars, pillbugs, weevils, scales, borers, beetles, aphids, moths, blight, necrosis, root rot and freeze damage.

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Louis Tedders, USDA Agricultural Research Service,
Tarnished Plant Bug - Articles Articles
Plant bugs are a large, diverse family of insects that feed by sucking sap from plants, especially parts with high rates of cell division like buds and flowers. More
Plant Quality in Home Fruit Plantings
Plant Quality in Home Fruit Plantings - Articles Articles
Purchase well-grown, heavily rooted, one-year-old plants of all fruits except blueberries and brambles. Two-year-old blueberry plants are recommended. More
First Aid for Pesticide Poisoning
First Aid for Pesticide Poisoning - Articles Articles
Immediate and appropriate action, such as providing first aid, may be necessary to prevent serious injury to a victim of pesticide poisoning. The situation can be a life-or-death matter. More