Pests and Diseases

Recommendations for managing pests and diseases, including Fletcher scale, leafhoppers, spotted lanternfly, webworms, mites, caterpillars, pillbugs, weevils, scales, borers, beetles, aphids, moths, blight, necrosis, root rot and freeze damage.

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Woody Ornamental Plant Identification for Green Industry Professionals
Woody Ornamental Plant Identification for Green Industry Professionals - Workshops Workshops
Green industry professionals are invited to join us to learn about woody ornamentals and how to choose them for your landscapes. More
Turf and Ornamentals Workshop
Turf and Ornamentals Workshop - Workshops Workshops

Turf and Ornamentals Workshop

Multiple Options Available

From: $45.00

To: $90.00

Landscape professionals and pesticide license holders are invited to join us for this update! More
Turf and Ornamentals Conference
Turf and Ornamentals Conference - Conferences Conferences
Earn pesticide credits, network with peers, and visit with vendors at this annual conference. More
Jimsonweed, Datura stramonium. Photo: Jan Samanek, Phytosanitary Administration,
Toxic Weed in the Landscape: Jimsonweed - News News
Jimsonweed is an annual plant that is poisonous to animals and humans. More
Notice the size difference, Yellowjacket (bottom), European hornet (top). Photo courtesy of Jim Baker, North Carolina State University,
The Giant Asian Hornet Scare - News News

The Giant Asian Hornet Scare


There was a flurry of calls coming into area Penn State Extension offices a few weeks ago about the appearance of the giant Asian hornet. More
Lacewings are close relatives of dobsonflies and fishflies, all found within the insect order Neuroptera, also known as the net-winged insects. Photo: Amy Korman, Penn State
Promoting Beneficial Insects in the Landscape: Lacewings - Articles Articles
Lacewings get their name from the intricate net-like arrangement of veins on their wings. With the arrival of spring, lacewings are much more active in our landscapes. More
Figure 1. Caterpillar or sawfly? Accurate identification of the pest is critical when using bio-insecticides. Bt products will control small caterpillars, but would be ineffective on the sawfly larva shown in this photo.
Bio-insecticides in Greenhouse Ornamentals - Articles Articles

Bio-insecticides in Greenhouse Ornamentals

Ruth Benner, Lee Stivers

Bio-pesticides, also known as biological pesticides, are defined by the US EPA as pesticides derived from natural materials such as animals, plants, bacteria, fungi, and certain minerals. More
The Basics of Bio Control of Insects for Greenhouses and Nurseries
The Basics of Bio Control of Insects for Greenhouses and Nurseries - Videos Videos
Bio control of insects in greenhouses and nurseries is a pest management strategy that is increasing in use and application. This video covers some of the bio control agents (BCA's) that are being used in horticultural applications. More
Thrips larvae. Photo: Sinclair Adam, Penn State
Greenhouse Growers, Are You Ready for Thrips? - News News
As greenhouse producers are preparing for spring and the flowers become more numerous, it is time to get ready for those dreaded thrips. More
Landscape IPM Seminar
Landscape IPM Seminar - Workshops Workshops
This seminar provides valuable research-based information along with re-certification and continuing education credits. More
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Greenhouse Night-Lighter - Workshops Workshops
Producers and marketers of floriculture crops are invited to the Greenhouse Night-Lighter, a greenhouse production and marketing meeting. More
Turf and Ornamentals School
Turf and Ornamentals School - Workshops Workshops
Pest management information on ornamental plants and turfgrass pests will be covered at this informative school. More
Louis Tedders, USDA Agricultural Research Service,
Tarnished Plant Bug - Articles Articles
Plant bugs are a large, diverse family of insects that feed by sucking sap from plants, especially parts with high rates of cell division like buds and flowers. More
Gerald J. Lenhard, Louisiana State University,
Tree Fruit Insect Pest - Yellownecked Caterpillar - Articles Articles
The yellownecked caterpillar is a key pest of shade trees. This insect is also destructive on the foliage of blueberry, apple, and other fruit trees. More
Norman E. Rees, USDA Agricultural Research Service - Retired,
Nematodes - The Unseen Enemy in Orchards - Articles Articles
Nematodes undoubtedly are the most numerous multicellular animals in the world. You can pick up a handful of soil almost anywhere and extract nematodes from it. More
Green Industry Conference
Green Industry Conference - Conferences Conferences
Green industry professionals are invited to join us for professional development and networking opportunities. More
Photo: T. Baugher, Penn State
A Brief Guide to Hand Lenses - Articles Articles

A Brief Guide to Hand Lenses

Michael J. Skvarla

Arthropods, including plant pests and biocontrol agents, are often difficult to identify with the naked eye. More
Green Industry Update Webinar
Green Industry Update Webinar - Webinars Webinars
Participate in this webinar to learn and earn pesticide recertification credits from the comfort of your home or office! More
Bringing Houseplants Indoors
Bringing Houseplants Indoors - Articles Articles
Many houseplants thrive outdoors in the summertime, but must be brought indoors before temperatures get too low. They need to readjust to conditions inside the house. More
The Penn State Plant Disease Clinic (Specimen Brochure)
The Penn State Plant Disease Clinic (Specimen Brochure) - Articles Articles
The Plant Disease Clinic, a service of the Department of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology, provides clinical diagnoses of plant diseases from submitted samples. More
Landscaping Field Day
Landscaping Field Day - Workshops Workshops
This one-day event will provide professional managers with educational opportunities geared toward the green industry. More
Sowbugs and pillbugs congregate in moist areas. Photo by Sinclair Adam.
Sowbugs and Pillbugs: Occasional but Destructive Greenhouse Pests - Articles Articles
We hear periodic reports of sowbug and/or pillbug outbreaks in greenhouses and high tunnels in Pennsylvania. More
Damage to a row of boxwoods from boxwood leafminer. Photo: T. Butzler, Penn State
The Boxwood Leafminer Makes Its Yearly Entrance in Spring - Articles Articles
Boxwoods have many positive qualities that make it one of the most popular shrubs in the landscape. More
Four-lined plant bug adult. Photo: S. Feather, Penn State
Four-lined Plant Bugs Are Active Now - Articles Articles
Four-lined plant bugs, Poecilocapsus lineatus, become active in May. More
Organic Land Care Best Management Practices Manual
Organic Land Care Best Management Practices Manual - Articles Articles
This free manual provides recommendations to land managers and landscape contractors on best management practices for effectively conducting organic land care. More
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