Pests and Diseases

Recommendations for managing pests and diseases, including Fletcher scale, leafhoppers, spotted lanternfly, webworms, mites, caterpillars, pillbugs, weevils, scales, borers, beetles, aphids, moths, blight, necrosis, root rot and freeze damage.

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Landscape IPM Seminar
Landscape IPM Seminar - Workshops Workshops

Landscape IPM Seminar


Wexford, PA

This seminar provides valuable research-based information along with re-certification and continuing education credits. More
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Greenhouse Night-Lighter - Workshops Workshops

Greenhouse Night-Lighter


Clinton, PA

Producers and marketers of floriculture crops are invited to the Greenhouse Night-Lighter, a greenhouse production and marketing meeting. More
Photo: T. Baugher, Penn State
A Brief Guide to Hand Lenses - Articles Articles

A Brief Guide to Hand Lenses

Michael J. Skvarla

Arthropods, including plant pests and biocontrol agents, are often difficult to identify with the naked eye. More
Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,
Fletcher Scale - Articles Articles
The Fletcher scale, sometimes referred to as the arborvitae soft scale, is a common pest of arborvitae and yew. It can also attack juniper, cypress, and hemlock. More
Calibration How Tos: How to Calibrate Your Rotary Spreader
Calibration How Tos: How to Calibrate Your Rotary Spreader - Videos Videos
The video shows you how to calibrate your rotary spreader. More
Milan Zubrik, Forest Research Institute - Slovakia,
European Pine Shoot Moth - Articles Articles
The European pine shoot moth is a key pest of ornamental pine plantings, pines in production nurseries, and Christmas trees in Pennsylvania. More
Frost damage on ash
Will My Woody Plants Recover from Freeze Damage - Articles Articles
When we have unusually high temperatures in early spring, many woody trees and shrubs will break bud and leaf out or flower early. More
Frank Peairs, Colorado State University,
Potato Leafhopper on Alfalfa - Articles Articles
The potato leafhopper is the most destructive insect to alfalfa in Pennsylvania, causing average annual losses of approximately $15 million. More
Keeping greenhouses free of weeds helps control diseases and insect pests.
Zero Tolerance for Weeds in the Greenhouse - Articles Articles
"Don't let weeds grow in the greenhouse." Growers know it, customers sense it, and Extension educators preach it. But is zero tolerance for weeds attainable? More
Bringing Houseplants Indoors
Bringing Houseplants Indoors - Articles Articles
Many houseplants thrive outdoors in the summertime, but must be brought indoors before temperatures get too low. They need to readjust to conditions inside the house. More
Lacy L. Hyche, Auburn University,
European Fruit Lecanium - Articles Articles
The European fruit lecanium is a key soft scale insect pest of shade trees and other woody ornamental plants in Pennsylvania. More
Gyorgy Csoka, Hungary Forest Research Institute,
Euonymus Scale - Articles Articles
The euonymus scale is a key pest of euonymus, pachysandra, and bittersweet. This armored scale insect is native to Japan and China. More
Rose Black Spot
Rose Black Spot - Articles Articles
A common disease of roses called black spot is caused by the fungus Diplocarpon rosae. This fungus readily attacks young expanding leaves and young canes. More
Pseudomonas syringae: A common pathogen on woody plants
Pseudomonas syringae: A common pathogen on woody plants - Articles Articles
The bacterium Pseudomonas syringae, is an opportunistic pathogen which attacks a wide variety of woody plants especially when they are damaged by frost or injury. More
Phytophthora on African violet
Phytophthora Root Rot On Woody Ornamentals - Articles Articles
Fungus-like organisms belonging to the genus Phytophthora are soil- or plant-borne and all are plant pathogens. More
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