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Photo credit: Nancy Knauss
Houseplant Selection - Articles Articles
New varieties of old-favorite houseplants are available. This article recommends plants that can thrive in a home environment. More
Snow damage on juniper. Photo credit Sandy Feather.
Winter Damage to Trees and Shrubs - Articles Articles
Learn the best ways to prevent and remedy damage to woody plants caused by ice and snow. More
Photo credit: Lois Miklas
De-Icers and Plant Health - Articles Articles
Find out what effect winter de-icers can have on plants and which types are least harmful. More
Photo credit: Alyssa Collins
Botany Lessons from a Holiday Poinsettia - Articles Articles
Learn more about the natural history and botany behind your greenhouse-grown poinsettia. More
Photo credit: Kim Frey
Evaluating the Garden - Articles Articles
Winter is the perfect time to reflect on the successes and disappointments of last year's garden. More
Christmas Tree Farm Photo credit: Nancy Knauss
Master Gardener Tips for Christmas Trees - Articles Articles
How to choose the perfect Christmas tree and keep it fresh. More
Tracking the Health of Feral Honey Bees in Pennsylvania
Tracking the Health of Feral Honey Bees in Pennsylvania - Articles Articles
Dr. Margarita M. López-Uribe is leading a project to map feral bees and analyze their immune systems. If you are aware of an unmanaged honeybee colony, please let us know. More
Waste watermelon on the edge of picnic grounds serves as a sugar buffet for honeybees and yellow jackets. Photo: T. Butzler, Penn State
Bees and Wasps: Foraging for Food in the Fall - Articles Articles
In the fall, bees and wasps are on the hunt for sweets or carbohydrates, the primary energy source that keeps them flying and active for other routine activities. More
Beneficial Insects Can Help the Garden Flourish
Beneficial Insects Can Help the Garden Flourish - Articles Articles
Flies in the family Syrphidae are helpful allies in the garden and in the greenhouse or nursery. More
Lantana and Petunias
To Deadhead or Not? Your Final Answer is... - Articles Articles
Deadheading is a gardening term that defines the process of removing faded or dead flowers from plants. More
Pruning Flowering Shrubs
Pruning Flowering Shrubs - Articles Articles
The correct time to prune your flowering shrubs depends on when they flower. More
Container Gardening
The Art of Container Gardening - Articles Articles
Constructing a container garden isn’t about doing everything perfectly. In fact, there is no right way to create a container garden. More
Purple Loosestrife – A Noxious Weed
Purple Loosestrife – A Noxious Weed - Articles Articles
Recently, some folks pulled into the local nursery, asking about the pretty pink flowering plants that were blooming along the fields and roadsides. More
Spring containers with a mix of flowers, herbs and vegetables
Make Containers do Double-duty - Articles Articles
A couple of weekends with sunshine and mild temperatures have hastened my ritual of pulling containers out from the shed and placing them in their normal spots on the terrace and deck in my garden. More
Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia spp.)
Heat and Drought Tolerant Plants - Articles Articles
Sandy Feather, extension educator in Allegheny county, has prepared this list of trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials that don't just survive but will thrive in our long, hot summers. More
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