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Recommendations for managing pests and diseases, including webworms, beetles, weevils, mites, slugs, spotted lanternflies, leafminers, spiders and aphids. Tips on scale, root rot, viruses and integrated pest management.

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Insects on Real Christmas Trees
Insects on Real Christmas Trees - Articles Articles

Insects on Real Christmas Trees

Michael J. Skvarla

Most real Christmas trees are free of insects and other arthropods. However, it is possible that some trees may harbor one or more species. More
Salticus scenicus female
Zebra Jumper - Articles Articles

Zebra Jumper

Steve Jacobs

This spider, originally from Europe and Asia, is found sporadically from Nova Scotia to British Columbia, south to Georgia, and westward to Colorado. More
Herbert A. 'Joe' Pase III, Texas A&M Forest Service,
Yellow Garden Spider - Articles Articles

Yellow Garden Spider

Steve Jacobs

Yellow garden spiders are seen in gardens, tall weeds, and sunny areas with bushes and other supporting structures on which they build their large orb webs. More
Micrathena gracilis female
Spined Micrathena - Articles Articles

Spined Micrathena

Steve Jacobs

This small spider is commonly encountered in wooded locations, including landscaped residential and suburban locales. More
Adult spotted lanternflies. Photo Credit: E. Smyers
Spotted Lanternfly Management for Homeowners - Articles Articles

Spotted Lanternfly Management for Homeowners

Heather L Leach, Dave Biddinger, Ph.D., Grzegorz (Greg) Krawczyk, Ph.D.

A guide that reviews the identification, life cycle, current distribution, and techniques for managing spotted lanternfly on your property. More
Image Source:
Master Class: Poison Ivy Management - Workshops Workshops
Tips and tools for managing this native plant sustainably on the farm or in the garden More
Jumping Earthworm (Amynthas spp.) Photo credit: Nancy Knauss
Look Out for Jumping Earthworms! - Articles Articles
An aggressive Asian earthworm is negatively impacting our gardens and ecosystem. Find out how to recognize this invasive species and help limit its spread. More
Spotted Lanternfly Permit Training for Businesses
Spotted Lanternfly Permit Training for Businesses - Online Courses Online Courses
Spotted lanternfly is an invasive insect that can damage many crops. Learn best practices to stop its spread. Businesses operating in the quarantine zone must have permits to move equipment and goods within and out of the zone. More
Japanese beetle damage on rose foliage. Photo credit: Lois Miklas
Simple Strategies to Deal with Garden Pests, Diseases - Articles Articles
You can create a relatively pest and disease free garden if you believe that ‘perfect’ plants are not the absolute goal of gardening and that all insects are not out to get you. More
Spotted Lanternfly Public Meetings
Spotted Lanternfly Public Meetings - Workshops Workshops
Spotted lanternfly is an invasive insect that has spread throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Learn how to recognize spotted lanternfly and what you can do to help stop its spread. More
Georgia Department of Ag.,
It's Time to Plant! - Workshops Workshops
Come join Penn State Master Gardeners of Carbon County as they present their spring workshop "It's Time to Plant." More
Norman E. Rees, USDA Agricultural Research Service - Retired,
Nematodes - The Unseen Enemy in Orchards - Articles Articles
Nematodes undoubtedly are the most numerous multicellular animals in the world. You can pick up a handful of soil almost anywhere and extract nematodes from it. More
University of Georgia Plant Pathology, University of Georgia,
Grape Disease - Eutypa Dieback - Articles Articles
Eutypa dieback, Eutypa lata, is a fungal disease appearing as cankers on trunks and arms of infected grapevines. It is one of the most destructive diseases on the woody tissue of grapes. More
Caleb Slemmons, National Ecological Observatory Network,
Blueberry Disease - Botrytis Blight and Fruit Rot - Articles Articles
Botrytis blight and fruit rot of blueberry, caused by Botrytis cinerea, are common occurrences, especially in cool, humid weather on many crops throughout the world. More
Plant Health Diagnosis: Assessing Plant Diseases, Pests and Problems
Plant Health Diagnosis: Assessing Plant Diseases, Pests and Problems - Online Courses Online Courses
Learn a process for diagnosing plant health problems, including signs and symptoms of diseases, pests and insects, and environment or management issues. More
Master Gardener Basic Training
Master Gardener Basic Training - Workshops Workshops
Are you passionate about gardening? Would you like to share your interest? Start your path to become a Penn State Master Gardener! More
Damage to a row of boxwoods from boxwood leafminer. Photo: T. Butzler, Penn State
The Boxwood Leafminer Makes Its Yearly Entrance in Spring - Articles Articles
Boxwoods have many positive qualities that make it one of the most popular shrubs in the landscape. More
Water Gardening and AIS (Educator Version)
Water Gardening and AIS (Educator Version) - Webinars Webinars

Water Gardening and AIS (Educator Version)

Multiple Options Available

This presentation provides a complete review of the Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Issue as it relates to Water Gardening. More
Water Gardening and Aquatic Invasive Species
Water Gardening and Aquatic Invasive Species - Webinars Webinars
This presentation provides an overview of the Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Issue as it relates to Water Gardening. More
E. Richard Hoebeke, Cornell University,
Viburnum Leaf Beetle - Articles Articles

Viburnum Leaf Beetle

Steve Jacobs

An invasive species, the viburnum leaf beetle has the potential to become a serious problem in nurseries and landscapes in Pennsylvania. More
Susan Ellis,
Springtails - Articles Articles
Springtails are small, abundant, insect-like critters. If they become a nuisance in homes, it is usually during extended droughts or prolonged, saturating rains. More
Spider Management
Spider Management - Articles Articles
Avoid bites by wearing gloves when doing yard work. More
Diagnosing Injury to Woody Ornamentals
Diagnosing Injury to Woody Ornamentals - Articles Articles
Adapted from Johnson, W.T. and H.H. Lyon. 1991. Insects that feed on trees and shrubs. 2nd ed., Cornell Univ. Press, Ithaca, New York, 560 pp. More
Kansas Department of Agriculture,
Pennsylvania Wood Cockroaches - Articles Articles
The Pennsylvania wood cockroach is considered an occasional nuisance pest in homes in Pennsylvania. More
Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,
Oystershell Scale - Articles Articles
The oystershell scale is a common armored scale insect that causes injury to shade trees and shrubs, most often lilac, ash, dogwood, maple, poplar, and willow. More
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