Eco-Friendly Gardening

Recommendations for eco-friendly home gardening, including making and using compost, attracting beneficial insects, beekeeping, rain barrels, rain gardens and mulch. Tips on pet-friendly gardening and integrated pest management.

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Master Gardeners are Part of the Co-Op Farmer's Market - News News
The Penn State Master Gardeners in Lackawanna County will be available to answer your gardening questions and give you the latest research-based information on home horticultural topics. More
Vegetables and annuals coexist in a Master Gardener "Idea Garden" Lancaster, PA. Photo credit: Mark Krotulski
The Foodscape Revolution - News News

The Foodscape Revolution


Review of a book by Brie Arthur--The Foodscape Revolution: Finding a Better Way to Make Space for Food and Beauty in Your Garden. More
Medicinal Use of Orchard Fruits and Herbs
Medicinal Use of Orchard Fruits and Herbs - Workshops Workshops

Medicinal Use of Orchard Fruits and Herbs


Philadelphia, PA

Join Alyssa Schimmel from the Philadelphia Orchard Project and learn about teas and tinctures made from plants throughout the growing season. More
Pollinators on Solidago rigida (stiff goldenrod) Photo credit: Connie Schmotzer
Best Plants for Pollinators - News News

Best Plants for Pollinators


Research conducted by Penn State Master Gardeners reveals the best plants to attract and support pollinators. Find out more through this article and accompanying pollinator fact sheets. More
Laura Jackson, Penn State Master Gardener Volunteer / Jacksons Journeys Photography
Backyard Native Plants: Water Landscaping for Wildlife - Workshops Workshops
Join us for Water Landscaping for Wildlife and learn how to make your yard a healthy habitat. More
Laura Jackson, Penn State Master Gardener Volunteer / Jacksons Journeys Photography
Backyard Native Plants: Bird Friendly Backyard - Workshops Workshops

Backyard Native Plants: Bird Friendly Backyard


Altoona, PA

Join us for Bird Friendly Backyard and learn how to make your yard a healthy habitat. More
Rain barrel workshops are often held for home gardeners in Pennsylvania. Photo credit: Erin Frederick
Rain Barrels in the Home Garden - Articles Articles
Rain barrels are effective tools for managing storm water. This article recommends rain barrel size, care, and how the water should be used in your garden. More
Mulching Landscape Trees
Mulching Landscape Trees - Articles Articles

Mulching Landscape Trees

David R. Jackson

Mulches are materials placed over the soil surface to enhance landscape beauty, improve soil conditions, protect plants from foot traffic and lawn equipment, and suppress weeds. More
Photo credit: Pamela Hall
'Planting in a Post-Wild World' Book Review - News News
'Planting in a Post-Wild World' is a book that will cause you to reexamine your garden and look at it as an opportunity to build a plant community. More
Bartram's Garden, Wikimedia CC0 1.0
Founding Gardeners - News News

Founding Gardeners


A review of a book that examines the impact of nature and gardens on America’s founding fathers. More
Photo credit: Kim Frey
Evaluating the Garden - Articles Articles

Evaluating the Garden

Pamela T. Hubbard

Winter is the perfect time to reflect on the successes and disappointments of last year's garden. More
Rain Barrels and Rain Gardens for Managing Household Stormwater
Rain Barrels and Rain Gardens for Managing Household Stormwater - Webinars Webinars
Penn State Extension Water Resources Educator, Dana Rizzo, outlines the uses of rain barrels and rain gardens in stormwater management. More
Making and Using Compost
Making and Using Compost - News News

Making and Using Compost


It is fall. As you clean up your garden and prepare it for winter, use those leaves and dead plants to start your compost pile. The timing is perfect. More
Photo courtesy Penn State Live
Earth-Friendly Gardening - News News

Earth-Friendly Gardening


Using compost, applying fewer chemicals, conserving water, and removing invasive plant species add to the earth rather than taking away from it. More
Wild bees like this bumble bee are essential to Pennsylvania agriculture.
Conserving Wild Bees in Pennsylvania - Articles Articles

Conserving Wild Bees in Pennsylvania

Mary Barbercheck, Ph.D., David Mortensen, Ph.D.

Wild bees, which include native and naturalized bees, pollinate a variety of crops. In areas of Pennsylvania, wild bees already provide the majority of pollination for some summer vegetable crops. More
Planting Stormwater Control Systems Planting Stormwater Control Systems - Webinars
Presented by Connie Schmotzer, Horticulture Educator, Penn State Extension More
Curbside infiltration planter in State College, PA
Artful Rainwater Design - Webinars Webinars
Presented by Stuart Echols, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, & Eliza Pennypacker, Department Head & Professor of Landscape Architecture, Penn State More
Reducing Water Pollution on Your Property Reducing Water Pollution on Your Property - Articles
When it rains in developed areas, rainwater washes pollutants from paved surfaces, and sediment from bare soils into storm drains. More
Water Saving Tips
Water Saving Tips - Articles Articles

Water Saving Tips

Norma Jeanne Young

Water-efficient gardening includes seven basic principles that are easy to employ while they increase the value of your home, plus save you time, water and money. More
Rain Barrels
Rain Barrels - Articles Articles
Rain barrels are a valuable addition to any garden. More
A Cedar Waxwing takes advantage of a winter food source. A well-planned rain garden provides fruits, seeds and nectar and is a valued food source year around. Migrating birds will find refuge, food and shelter, completing this unique habitat.
Rain Garden - Biodiversity - Articles Articles
Creating biodiversity and habitat while conserving water. Basic information on rain gardens and plant material suggestions for each zone of a rain garden. More
Rain Gardens - the Basics
Rain Gardens - the Basics - Articles Articles
Rain gardens are a simple and resourceful way to use the stormwater from your gutters productively as a garden. More
Rain Gardens - the Plants
Rain Gardens - the Plants - Articles Articles
Suggested plant material (trees, shrubs and perennials) for the three rain garden zones. More
Planting Along Streams
Planting Along Streams - Articles Articles
If you have a stream on your property, even it’s small, you have the opportunity to both enhance your landscape and protect precious water resources. More
Red maple (Acer rubrum)
Plant Guide: Sun to Part Sun - Wet to Moist Soil - Articles Articles
Trees, shrubs, vines and perennials that are naturally found in sun to part sun and wet to moist soils. More
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