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Information on production and harvesting of Christmas trees, including selection and care of fresh-cut Christmas trees, tree production and salt spray damage. Tips on evergreen shrubs and trees for Pennsylvania.

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Shearing & Weed Control of Christmas Trees
Shearing & Weed Control of Christmas Trees - Conferences Conferences
This meeting is a hands-on, in field demonstration of the proper techniques for shearing Christmas trees. More
Serbian Spruce - Picea omorika
Serbian Spruce - Picea omorika - Articles Articles
Ask any gathering of conifer enthusiasts to list their favorite spruce and chances are good that Serbian spruce will take first or second billing, along with Picea orientalis (Oriental spruce). More
Evergreens near a high use roadway are wrapped with burlap to give some protection from damaging salt spray.
Salt Spray Damage and Evergreen Plants - Articles Articles
Evergreens provide year long interest in the landscape and are normally pretty hardy during the winter months. More
Swiss stone pine, Pinus cembra, is a slow growing, stately conifer that is well-suited for smaller landscapes.
You Can Have Your Pine and Eat It, Too - Eventually - Articles Articles
Needled evergreens have been described as the “backbones of the landscape.” More
Caring for Your Fresh Cut Christmas Tree
Caring for Your Fresh Cut Christmas Tree - Articles Articles
When it is time to decorate our homes for Christmas, what better way to do that than to purchase a locally grown, fresh cut Christmas tree. More
Christmas Trees
Christmas Trees - Articles Articles

Christmas Trees

Rick Bates, Ph.D.

Christmas trees may be grown in many areas of Pennsylvania however; you will need to absorb the input costs before seeing a return on your investment. More
Christmas Tree Production
Christmas Tree Production - Articles Articles
Carefully plan for the establishment and marketing of your potential Christmas tree crop. More
Selection and Care of Cut Christmas Trees
Selection and Care of Cut Christmas Trees - Articles Articles
Despite the popularity and life-like appearance of modern artificial trees, nothing says Christmas like the fragrance a cut, live Christmas tree brings to your home. More
Rhododendrons and azaleas
Evergreen Shrubs and Trees for Pennsylvania - Articles Articles

Evergreen Shrubs and Trees for Pennsylvania

Rick Bates, Ph.D., J. Robert Nuss

This article explains hardiness and site requirements, landscape use, and characteristics of selected evergreen plants. More