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Scott Tunnock, USDA Forest Service,
Pine Needle Scale - Articles Articles
The pine needle scale is a key native pest of pine, Douglas-fir, spruce, and cedar in landscapes, nurseries, and Christmas tree plantations in Pennsylvania. More
A. Steven Munson, USDA Forest Service,
European Pine Sawfly - Articles Articles
The European pine sawfly is common in Pennsylvania. The larval stage feeds on the needles of pine trees in landscapes, nurseries, and Christmas tree plantations. More
Fruiting bodies on cone scales
Diplodia (Sphaeropsis) Tip Blight on Pine - Articles Articles
Austrian, Scots, ponderosa, mugo, red and other 2 and 3-needled pines are susceptible to the killing of shoot tips and branches by the fungus Diplodia pinea (formerly Sphaeropsis sapinea). More
Douglas-Fir Diseases
Douglas-Fir Diseases - Articles Articles
Informational table showing disease name, symptoms, pathogen/cause, and management of Douglas-Fir diseases. More
Diagnosing Poor Plant Health
Diagnosing Poor Plant Health - Articles Articles
Many things make plants unwell and pests and diseases are only two causes of poor plant growth. More