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Information on managing pests and diseases of aquatic plants and algae, including facts about invasive species, an aquatic noxious weed list and controlling excessive growth. Tips on dealing with filamentous algae and pest management training.

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Professional Pest Managers School
Professional Pest Managers School - Workshops Workshops

Professional Pest Managers School


Lancaster, PA

This one-day pesticide update session provides research-based information for applicators, as well as recertification credits in categories where it can be difficult to find credits. More
Water Gardening and Aquatic Invasive Species
Water Gardening and Aquatic Invasive Species - Webinars Webinars
This presentation provides an overview of the Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Issue as it relates to Water Gardening. More
Facts About Aquatic Invasive Species and Water Gardens
Facts About Aquatic Invasive Species and Water Gardens - Articles Articles
A water garden is fundamentally an outdoor aquarium. The gardener needs to manage the pH, nutrients, and organisms introduced into the system. More
Purple Loosestrife Infestation (Lythrum salicaria L.) Photo: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Archive, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada,
Aquatic/Wetland Noxious Weed List - Articles Articles
The links below provide a listing of aquatic or wetland plants considered to be noxious weeds by the federal government or Pennsylvania. More
Figure 1. Filamentous algae as it typically appears in July or August after forming floating mats.
Filamentous Algae - Articles Articles

Filamentous Algae

Bryan Swistock

Different species of filamentous algae exist, but all have a similar growth habit. These algae begin growth in the winter and early spring on the pond bottom. More