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Water chestnut investation choking a pond. Photo: Pat Rector, Rutgers University Cooperative Extension
Aquatic Invasive Species in Pennsylvania - Videos Videos
Several Aquatic Invasive Species of particular concern in Pennsylvania are discussed, and their identifying characteristics reviewed. More
Biological Control of Aquatic Plants
Biological Control of Aquatic Plants - Videos Videos
There are a few biological methods, that when applied correctly can be very effective and environmentally friendly to your pond. More
Pond coated with duckweed. Photo: Diane Oleson, Penn State Extension
Pond Scum - Duckweed and Watermeal - Articles Articles
Learn about the common "pond scum" types of duckweed and watermeal. More
What is this Plant in my Pond?
What is this Plant in my Pond? - Articles Articles
Learn how to eliminate aquatic plants that have suddenly overtaken your pond, and have become a problem either aesthetically or for the pond’s recreational use. More