Tree Fruit Extension Programming On Demand

The Penn State Tree Fruit Extension team is launching a series of videos which provide information on areas of interest to beginning growers in ten minutes or less.
Tree Fruit Extension Programming On Demand - News


Learn Now Videos provide concise, step by step information for growers in a variety of subject areas on demand.

Beginning a farm can be a time consuming venture. While there are many extension programs available to establishing farm businesses, it can be difficult for growers to find the time to attend a full day program when they have so much going on back at the farm.

The short Learn Now videos are narrated and provide a step by step "how-to," along with detailed pictures to clearly illustrate the main concepts in many topics of tree fruit production. The videos are being released with overarching themes between videos, like "Propagating Fruit Trees", but each video stands alone to fully explain a given topic, such as Bench Grafting Apple Trees or Bark Grafting Apple Trees.

Since videos are kept brief, busy growers can select only the topics most relevant to their operation, and can watch them at any time. This gives growers the most flexibility in participating in extension programming. If growers find they are interested in the topic and would like more information, videos end with links to more information on the topic area presented.