Training Impact - Springfield Grain Bin Entrapment

Springfield and Cransville Fire Companies were dispatched to
assist with a grain bin entrapment, with a reported four people trapped.
Training Impact - Springfield Grain Bin Entrapment - Articles


Cutting open grain bin

How did the Penn State ag rescue training help you manage this incident more effectively?

"The class was significant in managing this incident. The mutual aid dept. requested our dept. due to us obtaining this training. The first action was to cut triangle shaped holes to release the product rapidly, this was done evenly around the bin to avoid collapse. The second was to increase the safety of the rescuers inside the bin. This included air monitoring, and setting up rope / harness systems. The most effective action was the rapid, even removal of the product. The patient was then secured to a long board and extricated through a relief hole. Paramedics also followed state protocol for crush syndrome."

How might this call have gone prior to your members taking the Penn State ag rescue training?

"Not as well. It was obvious from seeing the actions of a fire department with no training in silo/bin rescue, that their attempts were not effective, and in fact could have resulted in a collapse."

Bin after corn removed