Training Impact - Beaver Machine Entanglement

In the summer of 2010, the Beaver County Farm Rescue Team was dispatched to a male patient with his arm stuck in a machine.
Training Impact - Beaver Machine Entanglement - Articles


How did the Penn State ag rescue training help you manage this incident more effectively?

"The machine was fairly simple in design. With the help of onsite maintenance personnel, the lock-out tag-out system was utilized. Incident command was established and used properly. Stored energy was checked for and dealt with accordingly. As we were taught in the Penn State Ag rescue trainings, it was determined that there was no stored energy in the chain drive and were able to cut the chain. Due to the nature and severity of the injury, EMS requested air transport to the trauma center. The patient did receive a severe crushing injury from the machine. The rescuers and EMS personnel worked very well in conjunction to make sure that everyone was aware of the plan to remove and package the patient."

How might this call have gone prior to your members taking the Penn State ag rescue training?

"The rescue would most certainly have taken longer which may have resulted in the patient losing more blood and longer loss of circulation to his arm. Also we would not have checked for stored energy as most rescuers are not aware of this hidden hazard."